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Listen…I pray that this communication falls on the ears of the husband that is not properly facilitating the duties of his office…as a husband. My wisdom comes from failure and wisdom dwells in contemplation. Contemplation reaches its apogee in solitude.With Marriage being the ultimate goal, relationships take work…long days, longer nights…but they can work! I remember my DeMatha Catholic High School football coach Bill McGregor telling us, “Skill gets you to the top but character keeps you there.” I now believe that to mean that acquisition is the easy part but the work comes in maintenance. It is not difficult to find a wife but the work in keeping a wife is the most gangsta situation a man can find himself in. I don’t care if you are undefeated in neighborhood fights, been shot at, or stabbed…nothing is more thug life than marriage. We forget to do the things that we did to acquire this beautiful woman yielding the difficulty in keeping this woman…now, our position is posted with no closing date. The funny thing is the fact that we were fired long before we received the pink slip…she just had to complete the interview process. So while we are thinking everything is fine…she is sorting through countless resumes…and get this…some of our homeboys, frat brothers, and drinking buddies have put in applications as well! What I love or maybe I should say what I have learned is the understanding that women are the most forgiving beings on the planet. Time after time after time, we phuck up and continue to phuck up…and they forgive us until their minds silence their hearts. Once that war is over in the soul of a woman…I beseech that man to get his affairs in order and begin to gather his belongings…the position has been filled; take due notice, and govern yourself accordingly…probably by your single homeboy that you used to hang with all night while your wife sat home with the kids living vicariously through her sorority sisters posting times of merriment on FaceBook. Because MOST women are emotional, they tend to listen to their hearts…but as I previously stated, once the mind of a woman takes command…IT. IS. A. WRAP! It is a job that requires your full attention…to every detail, every text message response, every attentive ear, and every reaction…there is no lunch break (unless you are eating the…never mind), and no union rep…it is constant work. Now the word work in this text does not have negative connotation…instead, it means constantly pursuing her, which is your job…once this is properly implemented, the hardest decision that man will have to make is picking out a neck tie…but she might even do that for you too…if you simply love her…for the first time…every single day…thus to God’s greatest creation…”to mold our faults and mend us into virtue”…to the creators of life…to what I personally will never be able to successfully comprehend but constantly seek to understand…to my future wife…wherever she may be…if you hire me, I will be your employee of the week until you give me a company burial…Men…we kill ourselves for a boss or company that would replace us in two business days if we were to drop dead on the job…but we show up late for our most important job…Husband.

Thank you for your time…#FailureIsMyBestTeacher#InMyLifeTimeVol1


  1. “Men…we kill ourselves for a boss or company that would replace us in two business days if we were to drop dead on the job…but we show up late for our most important job…Husband.”
    That says it all. Thank you for putting it into words, so eloquently.


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