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The Reason I Still TGIF

This is our new reality. Quarantine life is not for the faint of heart. Although I’m in Maryland, and our Governor issued a stay at home order on March 30th, I’m considered essential. I’m still working in the office. One day a week. I’m teleworking the other four days. Even before our state numbers increased, my manager was keeping our staff very lean. We had less than five people on our locked side of the building. Reducing the risk of exposure. Most days that I’m in it is only me. On Monday it was two of us.

Is our stay at home order working? I don’t know. I don’t think so. Our new case load as of last night was: 6,185 confirmed cases and 138 deaths. The number is ever changing. We are not practicing social distancing. We still have too many employers considered essential. The county that I live in has the most confirmed cases as of now. It’s scary. Combine that with the fact that my county is predominately African American (over 60%) and the realization that our state and all over the U.S. we are seeing a spike in the number of Covid-19 cases being predominately black. Add to the fact that once we get Covid-19 we are at a greater risk to die from Covid-19. It is enough to make you lose your mind.

But, you can’t. You can’t lose your mind. You need to keep it together. What can you do? How are you supposed to be the agent of change? It’s simple…don’t give in to the dark side. You get up. You shower, brush your teeth and get dressed. You eat a well balanced meal. You work (if you can) and you keep moving forward. You take breaks. You go for a walk every day to get your mind and body right. You go to the store rarely but you remember to practice your social distancing.

You don’t stop. You don’t give up. You recognize that it could be worse. You’re thankful for everything and you trust in God. Your faith. You remember that when you thought you were going to die that God kept you. You remember that you have the power to control the negative images and news that you see every day. You disconnect. You find ways to feed your spirit that don’t take what little energy you have left.

You remember to live.

As I do.

Each day.

One foot in front of the other.

I will breathe.

We will come out of this pandemic stronger than ever before.

I trust in God.

I pray.

I meditate.

I remember today.


Good Friday.

His journey never forgotten.

We can live.


I get up.

I repeat.

Each day.

I need you to do the same.



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  1. Beautifully put, truly inspirational.
    Thanks for the uplifting words of encouragement, I needed that this morning for sure. I’ve been having mood swings since this all began – some days I am on top of it all and pushing through with determination and gusto, focused and productive. Other days I can barely get dressed or get my day started in any actual direction, I spend my day spinning my wheels while feeling like I’m failing everywhere.

    Taking a walk is a good reset button for mental health, it does help when I finally get myself to go. Thanks for the reminder.

    Take care of yourself and your beautiful boy, stay healthy and stay strong 💕

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    1. Thank you so much. I think we’re all feeling this way. It’s pretty much our new normal. You are not alone. Yes, get out and enjoy the weather each day so that you can get the fresh air in and just keep moving. Have a wonderful Easter and thank you. Please stay safe. We got this.


  2. Thanks for this inspirational post! It’s a great reminder that we got to keep going and living no matter what. I can’t believe how the numbers continue to rise in MD as well. I remember the days when the number of confirmed cases was in the double digits and no confirmed deaths. It’s crazy! I agree that something is off somewhere, possibly still too many people working and roaming around like you stated. However, I think things would be worse if the stay-at-home order wasn’t in place and school were still in session.

    Have a great Easter everyone! Please be safe and stay home.

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  3. This is beautifully written. I need to see things like this sometimes, something that reminds me that we’ll eventually come out the other side of this into whatever new reality we build. Sometimes I stall out and get stuck inside my head — this really helped today. 💛

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