Happy Spring

Today is the first day of Spring! We’ve changed seasons and now it’s time to spring clean: our medicine cabinets, our pantries, our homes, etc. What are you getting rid of this Spring?




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She listened to the rhythmic beating of the steel drums. It was both deep and powerful. She could feel herself moving to the rhythm. She got up to dance.

Back and forth she sashayed her hips in slow motion. The sweat dripping down between her breasts. The music made her feel better. She forgot how good it felt to dance.

To dance away her troubles. She had so much trouble. She needed a reprieve. On this island where no one knew her. She could be free.

Free to breathe. Free to dance.

Each beat of the drum seemed to propel her into a space of pure euphoria. She was dancing away her problems.

The beat was both exotic and tempting.

Michael watched her in slow motion.

He wanted her.

He felt the longing not just in his loins but in his heart.

He could see she was beautiful and fragile. Life had been hard on her. She moved like a skilled dancer. Her hips were hypnotizing him. He needed her.

Approaching slowly from behind Michael pressed his body to her. She moved into him. He smelled her sweet scent. Lilac. He loved that smell.

He rocked with her and swayed to the beat. Nothing but heat between them and sweat rolling down their bodies. They were as one.

He whispered “I know what you’re running from.”



This post is inspired by the Daily Post. The word was rhythmic

Quotes about Love: Day 1

Hey loves!

I was challenged by the wonderful Amaya at wonderful blog, Life of an El Paso Woman to participate in the 3 day quote challenge. Since my posts are about the different types of love you may experience through Valentine’s Day. I decided to make my quotes about love.

First up is this great quote I found on the internet.


I love this because it aligns with my post yesterday about waiting. Great quote. As part of this challenge you have to post a quote daily for 3 days and recommend 3 bloggers each day to participate. Simple huh?

So, I’m going to recommend the following 3 bloggers for the 3 day quote challenge today. Please go and check out these fabulous bloggers. Follow them if you don’t because you will love their posts.

They are:

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Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

This is the last day of the quote challenge and I am sharing the quote below. I love this. Let me tell you that this has been my constant prayer for the last couple of months of the year. Between my dad having cancer, going home to spend time with him, being sick, having my car hit by the U-haul and then ending up in the emergency room last week it has been an interesting season.

I kept saying there is a lesson in the struggle. I am faithful. I will prevail. However, I realized that I was letting the stress affect me and neglected my health. Never again. Thankfully, I am a better but I tell you that when your body acts up you need to pay attention. It was my wake up call that allowed me to not stress and just ask for strength.



I nominate the following 3 blogs:

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Nekia Butler


Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Hey Folks!

Day 2 of the quote challenge has me thinking about my good friend, India, who tells people that “I love her. She tells it like it is and you know that it comes from her heart.” Isn’t that awesome?

I love that she thinks that about me. It got me to thinking about one of my favorite quotes that may be simplistic in nature but profound in reality. Just be who you are.


I nominate the following 3 blogs:

Maria Job

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Lori Rensik

Liebster Again

Hey Folks!

I got nominated for a Liebster Award again!

Thank you goes to Cassandra Pinson of Tallentales. She has a wonderful blog and you can check her out here: Tallentales

Questions from Tallentales to Me:

  1. What is the inspiration behind the name of your blog? When I started writing my blog on the recommendation of a girlfriend who started blogging, I tried to come up with the perfect name. I couldn’t. LOL. So, I started thinking what is it that I want to say? I had no idea but I realized that it was my point of view. Thomas is my last name so that was how I came up with the name of my blog. It was my point of view. Whether you agree, disagree or could care less it is my high horse journalistic point of view.
  2. What do you like to do in your spare time? Read and go to the movies. I also just started meditating so I do this nightly.
  3. What are five things you can’t live without? My son, my sanity, my cell phone, my family and my friends.
  4. Define the perfect day. Laying in the cool wind on a blanket under a tree thanking God for life. No plans. Just existing.
  5. What are you afraid of? Success and not being a good mother.
  6. What is your favorite memory? Feeling my son kick for the first time.
  7. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you? Falling as I was walking across campus when in college. I fell at the big “M” as you drive in the University of Maryland’s College Park campus and rolled in front of a car. It was humiliating.
  8. What is the most crazy experience you’ve had while you’ve been out with your child/children? Recently it was when my doctor asked munch did he know who Maya Angelou was and he replied, “Michael Angelou’s wife.” Yep, I was embarrassed.
  9. Name a place you’d like to live. Hawaii
  10. If you were a superhero, what would you secret power be? Mind reading
  11. The best things in life are? Free. Family, friends, faith and love.

A Thomas Point of View’s Nominee’s:

4 Boyz Momma

Humor.Life.Brutal Honesty

Here are the rules:

  1. Create a blog post on your site, answering the questions below.
  2. In your post, link back to the blog that nominated you.
  3. Complete the questions.
  4. Select your nominees. New bloggers, 200 followers or so.
  5. Provide them with these instructions.
  6. Assign them 11 questions to answer
  7. When you are finished, come back to the blog that nominated you, and comment with the link to your blog post so that they can read your answers.

Questions for my nominees:

  1. Why did you start to blog?
  2. How long have you been blogging?
  3. Do you find it difficult to write?
  4. What are you most proud of about your writing?
  5. What is one thing that you wish you could change in this country?
  6. Would you consider yourself a role model?
  7. Describe your typical day.
  8. Donuts or bagels?
  9. What do you think about gun violence in the U.S.?
  10. What is one piece of advice you could give to anyone?
  11. Have your dreams come true?