March Goals

February was one of the best months that I’ve had ever since I’ve been blogging. Here are my stats for February.

My March goals are as follows:

  • Post 35 times
  • Share at least 5 posts this month
  • Do 2 Book Reviews
  • Share an Interview
  • Follow 5 quality bloggers this month



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Day 5: Seven Days of Thankfulness

I’m thankful for discernment.


I haven’t always been able to judge well. I’ve trusted people that I shouldn’t have. I’ve allowed people in my life who shouldn’t have been there. I was young. I was naive. I didn’t know how to discern what it was that God wanted me to do.

But, I tell you that something happened when I turned 40. I trusted in the Master’s Plan for my life. I started to follow my inner voice and be able to discern what was His will and what was my will.

I began to grow. I began to watch my life manifest right before my eyes. Things started happening and chains started being broken. People started to leave. I began to feel alone. I cried out for God to help me and He sent people in my life that showed up and showed out. He shook my foundation and allowed some roots to stay planted where they were.

He was moving me in a different direction.

When I realized that it was God and that He was cleansing me from those who weren’t allowed to go to the next level with me I started to feel the power of His presence. Sense that He was ordering my steps. I bridled my tongue and endured some foolishness because I heard him clearly say that my destiny has been determined and you can’t afford to lose your way.

See, He knows what he is doing in my life and that there are folks in my life that are trying to distract me. My destiny is too important to give up for anything. Whew! I tell you that when I realized that it was He who was moving me in another direction, I adjusted the sails and set course for better days.

Discernment. I’m so thankful for that gift. I’m able to realize what is worth it and what isn’t. I won’t go back.


Bye Bye 2015

It’s the last day of the year and I’m sitting here thinking what Munch and I will have for dinner. Thinking about parking at this big church event that we are attending later on tonight. Why? Because it’s New Years’ Eve and I’m a mom who has her son. So, we are going to ring in the New Year giving praise and thanks for another day.  Another year. Bye-Bye 2015!


What did I learn in 2015? I shared the gifts I got in a prior post. A lot of lessons, some pain, lots of joy, some heartache and some not so pleasant things. But, in the end I learned more about me this year. I learned that I am strong and capable of surviving any storm. Ya’ll know that my struggle was real and my story had more bumps that caused crashes, but I’m grateful. I survived. So did you.

What do I wish for 2016? What do I want? Here are the top 5 things that I want in 2016.

  • Love
  • Debt Reduction
  • Healthier Lifestyle
  • Romance
  • Many more mommy moments

To be more specific and put it out in the universe…

  • Love – I want to find someone who I can be myself with and experience all the good and bad things that life has to offer. I want a slow and steady and dependable kind of love. I told my friend that I want an easy like Sunday morning kind of love. The love that you don’t have to work for. The love that endures. The love that just exists and in that moment we are so blissfully happy we don’t know how we got here. No, it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect, it just works. It works for us. We can have fights and disagreements, but we do it fairly. No below the line fighting or name calling. No rage. We are grown so we know how to make up. This year, I want to find someone who loves me and my son as though we were flesh of his flesh. I vow to do the same.


  • Debt Reduction – Yes, this is a big one for me too. I want to reduce my debt and curb my spending. I have some goals that I’m trying to achieve and I need to get cracking. I’m looking at budgets, tracking my spending and creating emergency cash reserves. I have a lot of stuff I need to do and I’m trying to read, research, react and reduce my debt. I’m getting accountability partners and plotting my plan. Trust me…I will keep you posted by guest blogging with a couple of fellow bloggers so you get the real nitty gritty. LOL!

Erasing Debt

  • Healthier Lifestyle – I’ve shared with you the slow progress of getting my health on track with working out, practicing mindful eating and trying to reduce my stress. It’s part of honoring my temple to be a healthier version of me. The pound loss has been slow but I’m definitely losing inches and my clothes fit differently. I want to continue working out and making healthier choices to prevent the need for medications. My goal is to lose a total of 40 pounds for 2016. That’s about 3.33 pounds a month. It starts with me.


  • Romance – I was never one who believed in romance, but I have to admit that I’m sort of romantic by default. I love to do little things and to have someone special do little things for me. I like to surprise you with a romantic dinner or gift just because. I like those things in return. I like little notes or emails to let me know what I mean to you or what you’re feeling about me at any given moment. It is when someone listens to my heart and tries to make me happy that I feel special. I want a romance where we speak each other’s love language and we like it. We put forth an effort to romance each other. You like physical touch? I like quality time. Let’s romance each other in 2016.

romantic kiss-saidaonline

  • Many more mommy moments – Yes. This is a definite. My munch and I have so many moments that we’ve shared this year and I can’t wait to share so many more. I bought a new DSLR camera (my first one) and I’m so excited. I want to capture all the moments we share whether on this new camera or with my cell phone. For example, he got his first check from his grandma for Christmas and I had him take it to the bank and deposit it in his account. He was scared, but he loved the experience. That’s my wish for him. More moments where I can teach, engage, love or just nurture his spirit. I love being a mom and he’s growing so quickly.

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That’s all folks.  It’s time to say bye-bye to 2015.  What are your 2016 goals? Do you write them down?



Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to any of the photos except those of my son and I. I did a Google search on the above photos.

On the 9th Day of Christmas

What I received this year…

Wisdom – My mother told me when I turned 40 in January that one thing that she wants me to know is that 40 brings about wisdom. A greater understanding of self and others. She said you will really begin to dig into who you are and what you want when you turn 40. No truer words. This year has been about me learning to love me, accept that others won’t ever love me and be okay with it. I’ve been wise to hold my tongue and I’ve shown strength when I’ve walked away from unhealthy situations and people. I received wisdom this year and I’m grateful for it.

[ File # csp5262413, License # 1720724 ] Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / payphoto
[ File # csp5262413, License # 1720724 ]
Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement (
(c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / payphoto

James 3:17-18 (MSG)

17-18 Real wisdom, God’s wisdom, begins with a holy life and is characterized by getting along with others. It is gentle and reasonable, overflowing with mercy and blessings, not hot one day and cold the next, not two-faced. You can develop a healthy, robust community that lives right with God and enjoy its results only if you do the hard work of getting along with each other, treating each other with dignity and honor.

5 Things I Want My Six Year Old to Know

Parenting is hard. Let me say it again…parenting is hard. Add working and being a co-parent and you realize that some things will slip through the crack. You know things that you wish you could teach your child. I realized that when Brennan was with me last week. His dad and I have a week on/week off co-parenting schedule and I am happy to say that my son has adjusted to this schedule like a champ.

But, I can speak from personal experience and say that I will forget things. His dad will forget things. Will Brennan think the worst of us because we forget to teach him something or will he have loved what we tried to do as his parents? I’m not sure, but here are five things that I want my son to know now:

  1. Knock. Always knock on a closed door. Whether it is in our house, your dad’s house or your aunt’s house always remember to knock on a closed door. I would hate for you to see a relative naked because you hate sleeping through the night. You have to get up at least twice to make sure that the adults know that you are still alive and breathing. That’s awesome munch! I promise you that if you actually sleep through the night you will wake up the next morning and I won’t need two cups of coffee to function.
  2. Parents get sad too. I’m sorry that you had to watch me cry when your dad and I separated. I’m sorry you had to step up to the plate and hold my head and comfort me. I wish I could go back and press rewind and spare you from the melodrama of my life. I tried to be a really good mom and shield you, but sometimes the loads I’m carrying are too much for me. I will get sad. I will cry and I will lie in bed all day saying my head hurts because I’m emotionally drained. You did nothing wrong. You are a joy and I just wish that you could always see me happy and smiling, but that’s not realistic.
  3. Parents make mistakes. I will be so hard on you sometimes that you will wonder what you did, but understand that I mean no harm. I am constantly juggling how to make you grow up a happy, healthy and functioning child of divorced parents that I will make mistakes. Like the time I told your dad that I can’t do everything and that I needed him to do something. I told him that I would teach you how to read and he could teach you how to tie your shoe. You’re 6 munch and I realize that Velcro shoes may be it for a while. Shoe tying is not all that important.
  4. You will be a jerk to a woman. It’s normal. Some men may think it is a rite of passage. But, you will know the power in an apology and you will remember that honesty is the best policy. Don’t string a woman along pretending that you like her and you don’t just so she will give in to your advances. Always be a gentleman. Be respectful and be of good character. Trust me if you don’t you will reap the cycle of your errors with your daughters.
  5. Put it in perspective. Things change. Life doesn’t always work out the way we want it too and sometimes we fail. We fail at marriages, jobs, relationships, school, etc. The thing that I need you to remember is that no matter how many times you fall, you need to get up and rise. Keep putting your best foot forward. Don’t let the circumstances of your life defeat you that you find no energy to try to succeed. You were born for greatness.

I want you to remember one thing munch… I vow to be the best mom that I can to you. I promise to put you first in all that I think or want to do because you matter more to me than anything. You encourage me to be better each day just by existing. Like last week when we were at dinner and I said, “Munch, mommy forgot to put on her watch and earrings.” You looked at me with the most sincere expression and said, “Don’t worry mommy, you’re still beautiful.” Don’t ever change.


I Need You to Fund Me

I want a Michael Kors handbag. This bag specifically…


This bag is only $358.00 from Macy’s. Oh, it’s in my favorite color. I’m 40 now and I think I should have this bag. I would carry it everywhere for at least 3 months. It would look good with my blue pumps or my black moto jacket.

I can’t afford it, but I still want it. What can I do?

Oh, I know…

I’m going to create a Go Fund Me account and send it to my friends. You know about Go Fund Me right? It’s the number one personal fundraising website. Everyone sets up a go fund me account. Random Facebook friends, bloggers I don’t know or people I see on television who don’t have enough money to send their kids to camp, travel to Australia, save your home from foreclosure or help to pay for your dog’s medical expenses.

It’s kind of weird though…some of the requests. Some are sad. Some are humbling. But, if you can ask strangers to pay your mortgage, why can’t I ask you to give me a handbag? I know it doesn’t seem practical or that I should ask my friends, family or random folks for help funding my bag, but I think I should. I would put it under the category called Dreams, Hopes and Wishes. I dream hope and wish to have this blue Michael Kors Handbag.

So, you know what? I’m going to create a Go Fund Me account.

Here’s what I said:



If you would like to donate to my need for this Michael Kors bag, please feel free to donate. All money collected will allow me to look fierce this spring/summer.  Check it out:  My Go Fund Me Page

Love you dolls!

(Please note that this is a satirical piece. I’m not requesting donations for a handbag.)