Random Thoughts – 09.14.17

I’m sorry that I’ve been inconsistent in posting lately. Life has gotten the best of me. In between vacation, school starting, work and my sorority, I’m burning the candle at both ends. Things will slow down soon. I promise to try and catch up on what I can. Here’s an update on where things are with me.

New Followers – Oh Yeah!

Thank you to my new followers. I have almost 2,000 WordPress followers and I am overwhelmingly blessed by that. I’m truly astonished. I can’t believe that you’ve chosen to follow me on this journey in this thing called life. I mean I’ve seriously grown by leaps and bounds these last few months and I’m happy to have you a part of this walk. I can’t thank you enough. Please check out my Who Am I? page to learn all about me.

Busy, Busy, Busy

This week has been hectic. I had so many meetings and court on Monday. My son’s father and I finalized the parenting agreement in mediation and the court accepted it and now it’s part of our file. We had 5 outstanding items that they refused to handle and I’ve accepted that at the moment, I can move on with my life and rebuild my leave balance because I have only been an employee a little over a year.

My Munch

Munch had Back-to-School Night on Tuesday and this was my second time meeting his teacher (I met him on the first day of school). He seems like a really nice guy and I’m wishing Munch and all the little kiddos a happy and productive school year. I have also decided that I will be enrolling Munch into a Math tutoring program this school year to help strengthen his math skills. I realize that I was stressing him out last year and he was stressing me out. But, I don’t play with academics so whatever we can do to help – will be done.

Munch must also take band this year. Apparently, it is mandatory in the fourth grade here in Maryland. I went to school in Texas so I don’t know. Munch decided he wants to play the trumpet as his first choice and the flute as his second. I just received an email from the band teacher asking would some of the parents be willing to switch their children to the clarinet. Umm, nope. He didn’t pick the clarinet. The clarinet sucks.  Can’t the teachers do what they can?

But, it’s a good year. I like his teachers and Munch wanted me to meet his PE teacher at Back-to-School Night. He likes PE. Did you know that she said she sees the kids for 35 minutes once a week and sometimes twice a week? I remember taking PE every day when I was in elementary school.

Finally, I’m feeling better about his school this year. This is a big change from where I stood last year feeling like an outsider. I joined the PTA and volunteered at Munch’s school. I made it work. I got to know the parents and fund raise for the school. Munch’s new school was made smaller by my efforts to fit in. I’m happy to say that my anxiety has diminished and we’re ready to tackle the fourth grade. Together.

My Love

Mr. C is great. He and I are progressing in our relationship and just loving our happy black a** lives. It’s an adjustment with all that we’ve both had going on, but we’re looking forward to stability and celebrations in the coming weeks. His birthday is later this month and then our anniversary is next month. Woohoo! We’ve been dating for almost two years and in a committed relationship almost a year.

We love where we are and we continue to learn and grow our relationship. I’m in a lot of groups on FaceBook and one of the things that I’m learning is that we as couples don’t know how to talk to each other. We want this picture perfect relationship without doing the work. Mr. C and I work at our relationship. Constantly. Daily. Heck, hourly sometimes.

He gets me. He gets when I need him to just protect me and love me through all the bulls*hit that I’m experiencing. It is in those moments that I sigh and thank God for this man. This man that makes me feel as though I can do anything, but reminds me all the same that he’s willing to help me because I’m not alone. Do you know how special that makes me feel?  Whew! I’m blessed ya’ll.

My Sorority Year

Has started back. We take the summers off and we’re now back. I’m on a couple of committees and working to make a difference in my chapter, organization and of course community. First up is a Mother/Daughter Tea that we have this weekend, which is part of our fundraising efforts for scholarships. I am so excited because we’ve sold out the place. I will be the mistress of ceremony for the event and my mommy, sister and niece will be attending. I’ve also volunteered to chair the Veteran’s committee and work on some programs this year including our Wreaths Across America. Munch loved that program so I’m happy to help in any way possible.

That’s a brief synopsis of what’s going on with me. You are all missed and thank you for being an invaluable piece in my life. Your reading, sharing or commenting truly make my day. I’ve been slow to respond, but trust me that I will catch-up. Please continue to love and take care of each other. We’re hurting in this country and we have to remember that we are all loved, valued and appreciated.


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Recap: Back to School Night – 2016

I had the pleasure of attending Munch’s Back to School Night last week and let me tell you this…I  need more organization. I do. I’m sorry. You can’t keep parents there without having a well laid out plan.

However, before I tell you my suggestions, I want to tell you three positives and three negatives from that experience…


  1. Very well attended by parents. It was really well attended by the parents. They broke it up the event into two nights. The first was K-5. You could sign up in advance to purchase food and babysitting services. How cool was that? This was a new to me. But, it made it easier. I didn’t purchase anything because Munch rode the bus home and my mom picked him up. He said he didn’t want to go.
  2. Meeting the teachers. I got to meet three out of 5 teachers. I wish I could have met more, but time didn’t permit that to be the case. I liked the teachers I met and felt that Munch would be okay at this new school. They were happy and friendly and seemed excited to teach children so that made me relax a little.
  3. Meeting the Principal and Vice Principal. I went to meet with both right after the introductions and dismissals to the class. There was a line to meet with them, but I waited and was thoroughly impressed with them both. They seemed genuine and concerned and I felt like Munch would benefit with their leadership.


  1. It seemed unorganized and chaotic. The sound system wasn’t the best and parents were loud so I couldn’t hear at points. However, the principal should have just called the meeting to order and introduced the office staff and said I want you to meet your child’s teacher individually. Nope, he introduced every kindergarten through 5th grade teacher. It was a lot. We needed only a slide for the school mission and expectations for the upcoming school year. The welcome took over 30 minutes and that left us a little rushed to meet the other teachers.
  2. Teachers should have only three slides and actually spend 10 minutes talking. The other 20 minutes should be used for parents questions. The first slide should contain the teachers name, email address and the homework url. The second slide should contain the daily schedule of the class. Classwork schedule of Monday through Friday. The third slide should contain the syllabus and what will be worked on throughout the year. That’s it and that’s all.
  3. As a new parent to a new school, I had no map of where the classrooms were located. The language arts, art and music classes were housed in a different wing, but there were no signs that pointed me to that. I stopped a teacher and asked. Thankfully, I was able to meet both his music teacher and language arts teacher who were housed in the same hallway. It was a long line of meet and greets. It took over 20 minutes to meet with the language arts teacher.


That’s my recap which I will be sharing with the PTSA president so that they can try to be more organized next year. I didn’t get home until almost 9 pm and didn’t have the opportunity to meet everyone. But, I’m thankful for who I did meet and hope that it will be an amazing year.

Back to School Parenting Tips

Okay, so last week Munch returned to school and I have to tell you that I was exhausted. I was so out of sorts it hurt. I couldn’t seem to catch a break or cook dinner. Thankfully, there was no homework, but it was rough. I wanted to sleep so much.

But, I realized some things that I should have done that would have eased my transition back into school. So I put together some tips to help you not fall victim to some of the traps I allowed in my house. I want you to make sure that you have a successful school year and get your routine going quickly.

Here are my back to school parenting tips:

  1. Get them to bed early. I know it’s hard especially if you’ve been lax for the summer, but trust me it’s better to get them to bed early than fighting with them in the morning.
  2. Cook a few meals the weekend before school starts. Freeze them if you have to. I was so thrown off by school starting and adjusting to the bus schedule and all the first week jitters that I didn’t cook not one meal. We ate out every night. Munch loved it, but my wallet didn’t. Cooking in advance would have helped solve that issue.
  3. Buy school supplies from Five Below. Did you know that Five Below sells school supplies? Nope. Me neither until his dad sent me a link about a 25% off discount on 2 inch binders from the store. Staples had the binders for $8.99 each and he needed 3. I was already up to $35.00 and I wasn’t paying that price. I went to Five Below and was blown away at the selection and price. He has everything he needs for school.
  4. Lunch prep and clothes prep the night before. Yes, I know you’re probably exhausted from rushing home from work and fixing dinner, giving them a bath and story time and then trying to get some housework done but you definitely should try to lay out and iron all clothes the night before and prep school lunches too.
  5. Let them fly. This was hard for me, but when you think about it don’t we give our kids their wings and we want them to fly? We have to give them space to soar and navigate school on their own. Stay in the background and encourage them but don’t do it for them. Let them fly.

I promise you that these tips will make it somewhat easier. If you’re a working parent and running back and forth to school you have to find ways to value time. Our most precious commodity is time so you have to give yourself more time to be present and in the moment with parenting. By doing things like meal prepping, laying out clothes in advance and giving the kids plenty of time to rest and get back into their routine you will definitely see more time in your day.


Weekend Coffee Share – 8/27/2016

If you and I were having coffee, I would tell you that I can’t believe that it is the last weekend in August. I would invite you in and sit down on the couch and invite you to curl up your feet while I get us two big glasses of iced coffee. It’s so hot here in DC that all you need is a cool glass of something going down your throat.

If you and I were having coffee, I would tell you that I survived the first week of back to school. Munch’s bus picked him up on the second day and has arrived each day thereafter. Albeit late, but at least he arrives to school safely. I would tell you that he’s disturbed that no one has asked to be his friend yet. He’s having a hard time adjusting to the fact that he doesn’t have a best friend after a couple of days.

If you and I were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m tired and looking forward to a relaxing weekend of doing nothing. I would tell you that while I’m optimistic that this won’t occur, I kinda hope to be able to just wash my clothes, my car and clean my house. Oh and to drink wine and sleep off and on while watching A Different World on Netflix. It probably won’t happen, but a girl can hope right?

If you and I were having coffee, I would tell you how last weekend I took my niece to college. I said good-bye to my first born non-biological child. I didn’t cry. I haven’t talked to her and I’m happy she is adjusting to college life. I will send her a text and remember how I was at that age. I will laugh at the pictures she posts on Instagram and not comment because I don’t want to embarrass her. I will smile thinking about how I can’t wait to see her soon. Maybe I’ll take a trip to the mountains and take her to dinner.

If you and I were having coffee, I would tell you that I really enjoy the Daily Posts that I’ve been participating in. I just discovered my love of fiction and I’m hoping you are enjoying the posts as well. Mr. C says “Oh, that was another dark and gloomy post.” I laugh. He only likes uplifting or realistic pieces. It’s cute though. However, life isn’t all happy go lucky and I like exploring the topic through a different lens. I hope that you will comment and let me know what you think one way or the other.

If you and I were having coffee, I would tell you that I have grown my followers by 50 in the last two weeks and I’m so excited. I would say welcome to my new followers and invite you into this blogging journey with me. I write everything about my life from parenting, dating, relationships, faith, poetry and short stories. I love people, life and I believe in humanity. One day we’ll get it right.

If you and I were having coffee, I would cut the visit short because I have to pack for my upcoming drive to Tennessee this Thursday morning. Can you believe it? I’m driving home with my mom and my Munch. Munch said it will take a 1,000 days but I’m sure it won’t. I promise to keep you posted on my road trip drama with my mama.  See you next time love!



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First Day of School

Today is Munch’s first day of school. He’s at a new school and I have to tell you that I was so nervous this morning. He was scheduled to ride the school bus for the first time ever. However, it didn’t show up. Apparently that is expected on the first day. Ugh! I drove him to school and had a harried morning where I tried to see if any movement has been made on the before and after care front. At this point no. So, it’s the school bus and schedule adjustments until we get him enrolled in Before and Aftercare.

I did get to meet his teacher and I liked the classroom layout. Nice desks and smart boards. The school is pretty huge. Lots of windows. The staff was very friendly and I truly felt that they were happy to see both the parents and children. That was awesome.

His dad is going to head to the school to confirm he gets on the right school bus and my mom will be there waiting for him to get off the bus. I’m praying that everything goes well. I was frazzled and stressed out this morning with the bus not showing up and trying to get the child care situation coordinated. When I left the school my car was having trouble accelerating and then I heard a loud sort of metallic noise. I drove into the gas station and asked the mechanic to please look at my car. Guess what it was? My parking brake was on. No light warned me though. I felt like an idiot. The mechanic didn’t laugh (even though I’m sure he wanted to). I need a drink.

I made sure to fix him a hot breakfast before he went to school and I packed his lunch complete with a first day note wishing him well.  My mom said that I packed him too much food that he will be an easy target for the lunch bullies. LOL. I just wanted to make sure that he had enough food for both lunch and snack.

Well, that’s my drama. Summer’s gone by fast and my Munch is now in the third grade. Here’s to a successful school year for both parents and children of returning students!