Dating Chronicles: How to Lose Interest in 5 Seconds

In another chapter of the dating chronicles I want to show you how a seemingly nice man can make a woman lose interest in 5 seconds. Now, if you remember from my post last week, I talked about the importance of a good introduction instead of the same “Hello” and “Hello. How are you?” introductions, but many men still do it so I will respond. In kind.

As a relatively newcomer to on-line dating, I have to tell you my top 3 pet  peeves when it comes to this process. There are truly more, but I wanted to share the top three so you can understand my frustration. Bear with me.

Top 3 Pet Peeves:

1.  Sending me inappropriate pictures. Be a gentleman or at least human. Stop thinking that I want to see you without your shirt on. I’m a lady. Not sure what you’re used to, but this is not doing it for me. I want someone who knows how to present himself as a gentleman.

41eb33554-a498-4c8e-b530-d434e01d1b572.  Making comments that seem questionable about your employment choices. Really? You’re out here making this money? What grown 48-year-old man says that stuff? Either you’re out here in the streets hustling illegally or you’re a hustler. Either way, I’m not interested.


3.  Asking me for my number too soon. We’ve had an interaction lasting about 5 seconds and you’re asking for my number? Really? Nope. I don’t even know you that well to want to give you my fake number. Let’s have more than 20 words exchanged before you ask me for it.


Now, do you see why I’m getting frustrated at the weeding out process? We can’t even get to a phone conversation because of all the weirdness out there. This is just a sample of the things that I experience, but I want to keep you abreast of some of the things that weird me out on this journey so that you will be encouraged to know that you should stay happy with your current relationship or be optimistic that the dating process will take a while to go through.


Until next time loves!



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