Okay, so I have re-written my on-line dating profile a couple of times because I’m trying to weed out the undesireables up front. You know the folks that won’t match with me because I know that I will lose it if they can’t write a complete sentence. I’ve been told that I’m hard on men and I think that is inaccurate. I am hard on people that don’t put their best foot forward. There is a difference.

Well, here’s my latest profile:

I’m smart, sincere, straightforward and honest. I value those same qualities in men. I have to admit that I’ve been doing this on-line thing for almost a year and I’m finding some patterns that are causing me to be frustrated. Here are some patterns that I’ve discovered:

1. Underlying trust issues with women
2. Not being able to write a complete sentence
3. Not being over your ex
4. Not being able to deal with intelligent women because of either 1 or 2.
5. Men with self-esteem issues
6. Men with psychological issues
7. Men who love drama

Let me be clear that those are true “turn-offs”. Men say that they don’t want a woman with drama, but a lot of them like drama too. Life’s too short to be a lying, drama filled man who is obsessed with self. If you have any of those above characteristics, please keep it moving.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way I want to tell you why you should contact me:

1. I’m smart. There is nothing wrong with being a little nerdy. Keeps the conversation interesting.
2. I’m honest and I expect the same. My profile isn’t a lie.
3. I’m hardworking. I believe in taking care of myself and my son. (I only have one and he was created in marriage).
4. I’m an advocate for open communication. We should be able to talk about everything in due time.
5. I’m sane. LOL. No psychological problems. Trust that I believe in self-examination first and I’m good.
6. No drama. I detest drama and things that are meant to weaken a moment.
7. I have no self-esteem issues. I love me and am very content with all that has been provided.

Finally, I am an eternal optimist. I am a feminist. I love to smile, laugh and take my time getting to know people. I love life and I am stepping out of my comfort zone this year and trying new things.

What do you think? Too much? Too little?



2 Replies to “Profiling”

  1. Well… you have to understand first appearances mean a lot. And, the profile “appears” like someone who is picky and can be easily annoyed. Though I think the type of guy who you’re looking for is someone who IS LOOKING FOR a woman with all of your qualities. I think online dating is mostly about pictures anyway, and stating more of what you like, not what you dislike.
    Hey that’s just my opinion… but one thing’s for sure, it’s honest 🙂 .

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    1. Yep, I kinda got that. LOL! I’m not asking for a beautiful, rich and tall man. I tried being straightforward with my first profile and just talking about me and the simple things I like and want, but I swear all the weirdos came out on that one. I can’t win. You are absolutely right about it being about pictures. Men are visual and want to see what you look like. Women want men who look good and have substance. I think there in lies the issue.


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