I’m On Vacation

Hey folks,

I will be on vacation for a few days. Headed to the beach with my family for fun and relaxation today. I will not be posting for the week of 8/17-8/21. I am going to take a break and finally focus on some other projects including my book.


I will write more when I return. Also, if everything goes well I’ll have a cool update for you on 8/24. Something juicy! LOL!


5 Replies to “I’m On Vacation”

  1. Sorry your vacation was crappy. I also know you just did a similar post, but I love your blog and tagged you in my post “11 Things about Me Tag.” It’s similar to the one you just did, but if you’d like to participate that would be great. If not, I totally understand! The link is here, sorry it’s the whole url I don’t know how to attach links yet in comments.


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