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Dating Chronicles: Last Month’s Misses

So, I really haven’t been checking my on-line dating profiles because the foolishness has gotten me down and I refuse to be depressed leading into the holidays. But, I wanted to share the posts of people that I just couldn’t respond to because it was obvious that we had nothing in common.

Like this one. Two things…using a term of endearment like we’ve met, talked or even know each other bothers the heck out of me. Second, who says that you like my complexion? Really? I was done.


Oh, and these body posing photos didn’t help either. Why are you flexing? This is a no-flex zone dude. I get it, you’re proud of your body, but you won’t catch me sending any photos of my belly that carried my son.

I would probably feel too much pressure to date someone this physically fit. I couldn’t imagine him watching me eat and saying “You know that isn’t healthy right?” “Heck yea! But I’m practicing mindful eating.” Which translates to you not minding what the heck I eat. I’ll do that sir!


Or how about this one? Your username is littlelipsXXXX and you actually have little lips? EWWW! I was reminded of little arms and I don’t like little arms or little lips. Sorry, but they really freak me out!


Yep, I can’t. Why can’t men stay in their lane? Not sure what your lane is? This gentleman that I follow on Facebook talks about staying in your lane. Please watch the short video so you know who is in your lane.

Ah, the joys of dating!


  1. hahahaha…this was hilarious. i would be scared of those big arms. i thought i wasn’t been normal when i wonder why a person i barely know or know so well but not in that manner uses terms of endearment. its so freaking annoying. Anyways…

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