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Rumblings From The Weary One

Hey folks,

It’s been super busy, but I wanted to just let you know that you are missed and momma’s tired. I am trying to read each and every post so bear with me if I’m late or out of order. I thankfully can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to.


  • I hired movers on April 18th to do my move instead of using my friends. Why? Because people get tired and say that they are going to help you, but they don’t. It may not be their fault, but I needed to vacate the premises on the 23rd and clean up. I rented the U-haul and used their Moving Help piece and loved it. My best friend supervised the movers and they moved me in and out in less than 3 hours. How awesome is that?
  • Speaking of awesome, I have to say a HUGE thank you to my two best friends, Sam and Nikki, for all of their help. Sam has been coming over for the last month taking out boxes and bags of items to be donated. Nikki has been coming over with her OCD having self and packing boxes to perfection. They both have some form of OCD and they were making sure things were done while I was at work on Friday during the day.  The night before the move, Nikki came back and we finished packing and moved all the boxes to the living room. That made it easier for the movers to come in and move us quickly. Didn’t I tell you they were wonderful?
  • I’m exhausted though because I’m living in a sea of boxes. Munch is with his dad this week so I will hopefully have his room set-up and ready for him when he returns on Friday. We’ll see. I’m lifting boxes and going up and down stairs getting steps in that have never been recorded on my step tracker.
  • I did get some quality time with Mr. C on Saturday for dinner and hanging out. Very cool. He actually met my mother. Weird, but true. My mother says to him, “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you, but did she tell you about her fabulous mother?” Really mom? So, you see why I don’t lack in the confidence arena right?
  • This week will be busy with me cleaning the former residence, voting (our primaries are today), hopefully squeezing in a couple of workouts, trying to do dinner with friends and culminating with Munch’s 8th birthday extravaganza on Saturday. He has swim class Saturday morning, a soccer game right after and then his party later on. He’s going to be both exhausted and excited so I’m going to try and get a nap in there for him. However, he has asked that I bring cupcakes and juice boxes to school on Friday because his class likes them and he wanted to do something special with them. Are you serious? I’m doing it, but dang. I’m tired.

That’s my week in review. I hope you’re enjoying some of these scheduled posts. I promise to respond to each and every comment. Please bear with me though because I’m a little weary.


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