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Some Friday Fun Facts

Happy Friday Folks!

I hope this post finds you happy and well. I’m excited to announce that I got some new followers to my blog and wanted to say “Welcome”. Welcome to all things me. My life is a mish mash of things that reflect my views on parenting, social injustices, dating and relationships. In a post-divorce world, I try to navigate relationships to find and secure love someday. The kind of love that would have me walking down the aisle again. Too sappy? Okay, I get it!

What can I tell you about me?

I’m 41.

I’m divorced. Oh, I already told you that.

I’m a mother to an 8 year old son (yes, I was 33 when he was born).

I’m a career woman (just got my first management gig in a governmental organization).

I’m a writer (hopefully I will finish the book someday).

I’m a woman of faith (I will mention the following: God, blessings, faith, thankfulness, Jesus, church, Bible, Holy spirit, etc.)

Things I do in my spare time?

Right now I don’t have any spare time. With my new job and my commute from the south part of the county to the north part of county to the west part of the state, I’m kinda all over the place. Can you say excessive mileage?

I co-parent with my ex-husband. It’s a continuous process whereby we both try to find balance between parenting in two different homes. Right now, we do a shared one week on and one week off schedule. It works pretty well. When I moved in late April it made my commute hell. I have about a month more of this commute before my son starts school. He’ll go to a new school and before and after care program on my way to work. No more 4 hours daily in the car.  Woo hoo!

What kind of blogging advice would I give?

Write about what you love. What is of interest to you. Don’t feel bad about taking breaks. We all need mental health breaks. Sometimes you need to step away from all things social media and just enjoy yourself. Your stats may rise and fall like soufflé (now I’m thinking about that wonderful lemon soufflé that Morton’s Steakhouse serves) but it doesn’t matter. Enjoy the ride. This blogging journey is yours alone. You will watch your blogging needs and audience change and develop over time. That’s a good thing.

I’ve been blogging about 8 years off and on. Only the last two years have been serious. The last year has been more of an intense focus to try to organize my thoughts and post. I wanted a schedule that my viewers could follow. So, I post five days a week with one post daily. Some days will be more other weeks may be three posts in that week. I don’t post just for the sake of posting. I don’t do it for the clicks. LOL.  I do it because I want to give you my point of view.

So, happy Friday and welcome to my blogging family!


  1. Thank you for the welcome and for stopping by my weekend coffee share. What you said about stepping away from social media and just being myself is why I’m actually in the blogosphere. I started my blog less than a year ago and it’s only the past two weeks that I decided to be active. It’s now a refuge for me to express myself and connect with people who can relate to you. But mainly, just to write the things that are on my mind. And it’s definitely a journey I’m looking forward to.

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