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I am in love.

A beautiful and endearing love.

A love that warms me and supports me.

He is a beautiful man.

He laughs at my awkward jokes.

He encourages my dreams.

He looks at me as though I am the most beautiful woman in the world.

We are inseparable

Our bond?


Love unites us

Our passion excites us

We are one.

Until another

My ex

Showed up

Missing me

Looking all sweet and sexy

Smiling and talking the things I love to hear

My heart pounding rapidly

I laugh

A deep throaty laugh

Umm, he still smells good

That scent intoxicates me

He kisses my neck

Oh, how I love that spot

His tongue flickers across my skin

I moan


This man is so fine

Memories of sex so powerful I begin to weaken

I can’t


I push him away


This is a test

You’re testing me

You don’t want me

You want to destroy the love he has for me

To make me fall for broken promises and bullshit


I don’t want you.

I want him.

He is mine.

I am his.

This concludes the test.

Did I fail?



This piece was written as part of the Daily Post. The word was test.


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