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Old Flames

Over the Christmas holiday I got a call from my ex boyfriend. He was in town and wanted to know can he stop by. I hadn’t laid eyes on this man in 20 plus years. We had stayed friends over the years. Just occasionally emailing each other and happy new year and happy birthday text messages. He lived his happy life married with kids in another state and I lived here.

I agreed and sent him my address. He said he’d be there in 30 minutes. I got excited. Not the “I want to impress you with my sexy self” excited. Just excited to see my friend. I just threw on some jeans and a shirt and awaited his arrival.


It was such a wonderful experience to see someone that I loved and wanted to marry after so many years. We sat and talked for hours. I showed him pictures of Munch and my family and we just caught up. He said that he follows and reads my blog. He said he’s sorry that I’ve gone through so much with my ex-husband and wishes me the best.

We talked about our lives, dreams, family and futures. We talked about friendship and love. We talked about the past. It wasn’t a bad break-up. There were no tears or anger. I was a senior in college and I couldn’t be distracted by a relationship. So I ended it. I had to focus on graduating. I needed to align my spirit and focus. He understood. There was no hate.

It was innocent reminiscing. Love was still there. Not in a “let’s get back together or let’s sneak and ruin our relationships” kinda way.  In a love between two people that had crossed the threshold from lovers to true friends. Friends that respected each other. He was happy that I met someone who still makes me blush after two years of dating. He wished me nothing but happiness after all that I had went through. He was happy that I found peace after so much chaos.

Genuine happiness. I was genuinely happy for him and he was genuinely happy for me. Our roads took different paths but our love and respect for each other is still there. For that I’m truly thankful.

And yes I told Mr. C as soon as he left. He had called my house and the phone was upstairs and I missed his call. I called him right back when he left. He’s not jealous. He’s aware that he is loved.

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  1. how lovely. it’s so rare to be able to maintain that kind of healthy relationship. so often relationships end in acrimony, so to find that you’re able to share a past that can be enjoyed in the future is amazing, and refreshing. by the way I absolutely love your header photo. your boy is growing up fast and so handsome.

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    1. Aww, thank you so much. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing. Yes, I’m so thankful to have a friend that I can truly count on after all these years that knows, loves and respects me just as we are.

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    1. Yes, Lord. I’m thankful for all the friendships made. I love him for who he is and who he was but we know our time together was in the past and that we will never be more than friends. I have love and I’m happy and I know that he’s truly happy for me and that means the world.

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    1. Thank you so much. I am very thankful for the many years of friendship and the love. Although it’s not romantic it is still love and if I ever needed someone I can depend on him.


    1. Thank you. We were friends before lovers and friends after being lovers. Nothing more. Just excited to know that I have someone that truly knows me and respects me as a woman.


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