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He’s Got That Vibe

Have you ever met a man or a woman that you were so sexually attracted to? Where the chemistry was so out of control and you knew it was just a matter of time before you two would be knocking boots? No? Well, you’re lucky because I have.

It sucks. I mean it was good in the beginning. It was so much chemistry and we couldn’t control ourselves. We were in lust. We were just enjoying the ride. But, in some cases that’s all we had. Physical chemistry.

We weren’t compatible in any other way. I didn’t share my deepest thoughts, my dreams or my fears. They didn’t share their childhood stories or their favorite memories. We were just biding time. Filling the gaps of loneliness and our needs for physical intimacy that we just stayed in place.

I’ve learned that it is good to have physical chemistry with someone, but beyond that I want more. I want someone that challenges me to be better. Who supports and encourages my dreams. Someone who sees through all the different masks and likes what he sees.

His vibe has to be good, but so does he. What dangles between his legs shouldn’t be the sum of his character. There should be more to him. His value is not defined in terms of his sexual prowess, but in terms of his character. Love is more than just about physical. It requires a deep understanding and commitment to the entire person that you see standing before you.

I want to have physical chemistry with the next man I love, but prayerfully it will be more than that. Hopefully, he will challenge me in ways that I have never known. I pray that he will love not just my body but my soul. The real me.


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  1. I’ve never felt a strong sexual attraction to anyone I don’t have a lot in common with or share a mental connection. It doesn’t however mean we are compatible for the long run. Sometimes you are compatible on almost everything, but there’s that one deal breaker that topples the hill.

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      1. Agreed. But, I’ve never had that strong sexual connection by itself. There’s always a mental connection and compatibility on the foundational principles. But, for me, the devil is in the details and that may take years to unravel. 🙂

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  2. Dang this is deep and being physically attracted and having chemistry is very important when I was in my early twenties I always was not satisfied because I had only lust and infatuation with a man instead of being intuned this Is inspiration 👌👍👍👍😊

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    1. Been there sis. As I’ve aged I realized that I needed more than the surface and that’s when I discovered that magic can happen when you least expect it.


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