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Random Thoughts – 03.13.19

I’m here and there and some days every where. I’ve recently made some changes and I’m just trying to get a hold of everything. Can I tell you how I feel overwhelmed some days? Ugh! I’m exhausted. I wanted to share my random thoughts about what’s going on with me.

Working out Sucks!

Yes, I said. Yes, I need it. I’m not fond of it. It’s a necessary evil, but I continue to push forward. I started going back to the gym and I’m enduring. I’m losing inches, drinking more water and learning to stretch and relax. I am in this fit bit walking group and I’ve been crushing it the last two weeks and they don’t ever thank me. Do you know how hard it is for me? Oh well. My friends are super proud of my dedication and even if they weren’t I’d still be killing it.

It’s funny, because I was talking to this guy the other day and I told him that I was going to the gym later and he asked me “What man told you that you needed to go to the gym? You’re perfect just the way you are.” I died. Really? Listen, not that I don’t appreciate compliments because I do, but baby my self-esteem is not based on how others feel about me. I love the hell out of me and at the end of the day my desire to be healthy is a personal choice not one based on me being uncomfortable in my skin.

Counting Sheep!

One of the things that I’ve noticed is that my sleep pattern is off since I started working out. I mean I would faithfully get 7 hours or more of sleep a night. Now, I’m barely getting 5.5 hours. I can’t seem to stay sleep. I do a hot shower, my essential oils and read until I fall asleep and nothing is helping me stay asleep. My mom just told me that I needed to get more sleep. My Fitness Pal email that was delivered this morning reminded me of the importance of adequate sleep and weight loss. Yeah, I get it but how can I stay asleep? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Move Out The Way and Creating Peace

In trying to stay the course, I realized that I need to get up and move and step more. My goal is to move every hour by doing a minimum of 1,000 steps. It’s hard on days that I have a lot of meetings but days when I don’t I find myself craving the walks to clear my thoughts. Lots of things are accomplished when you just get up and enjoy the beautiful sun outside and see the things you never really notice because you’re busy thinking about all the things you need to do. I need to pay attention to it all.

With paying attention to things, I’ve begun to create a space where peace can exist in my mind. I am the master of my fate and I need to learn to stress less and focus on creating a harmonious environment AT ALL TIMES. Honestly, sometimes it is hard. I mean do you know how many frustrations can occur at work? But, I have to remember that I need to calm the hell down and unless a death occurred I just need to get it together and move. Walk. Clear my head. I started back listening to classical music and trying to meditate. It’s hard to shut my mind down for more than a couple of minutes but hopefully I can get better as I continue to practice. In the mornings before work, during the day and before I fall asleep at night. I need to release the negative energy and push forward.

Can You Hear Me God?

God is speaking to me more. It’s crazy! Since I started focusing on releasing and repelling negative energy and clearing my head I’ve been feeling God’s voice in my spirit. Things that I’ve thought are manifesting right before my eyes and I know it’s God’s will. So, I’m just sitting back and working and writing. I’m trying to get it all out. To move forward and finish the things that I’ve started or been to afraid to do. Put pen to paper. Birth my book. I’m writing more. I’m hoping to have a rough draft finished by the end of the year and I’m praying to have it out next year.

I’ve been writing more on this blog and really trying to plan out more posts because I can’t be lazy with you folks. I found out that emailed posts from some of your blogs were getting spammed and I didn’t know how or why. Hopefully, the problem has been fixed and you see me reading your posts. I know that you are busy and you still take the time  to stop by my blog and the least I can do is to prepare a meal with my words that you want to enjoy. So, bear with me. I’m getting back into the swing of things. I’m going to show you that I love and appreciate all of you. To that end if you would like to share a post that you want me to reblog for you please let me know by sending me an email at athomaspointofview@gmail.com with the link and I will happily do so.

That’s about it good people. I thank you for your time and appreciate you checking out my random thoughts. Keep praying for me as I continue to pray for you. You are truly loved.


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  1. WOW!!! You GO girl lol! Love this…and welcome to the grueling, challenging, but sooo worth it journey to loving you just that much more! Kindreds I tell you, kindreds! Lol. Congrats on the Fitbit shit hahaha. I love mine. You go this! ❤

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