I Hate You So Much Right Now

Remember that great song by Kelis – Caught Out There? Aww, it was a great song to show the rage of women after being lied on or cheated on by their significant others. It was an anthem for women. You don’t have to take it. She screamed. She destroyed stuff. She showed her emotions. Haven’t we all been there before?

But, that’s not what this post is about. LOL. It isn’t about hate. It is about you. Choosing you. Choosing to forgive and choosing to create your life with boundaries.

See, a few weeks ago a friend and I were having a conversation about forgiveness. He said to me that if I forgive someone then I should be willing to share my personal space with them. I laughed. I explained that forgiveness is for self and not for the other person.

If someone commits an egregious act towards you or does something that just doesn’t sit well in your spirit, you have the right to protect yourself. Your first obligation is to you. It is and will always be. Think about when you fly and they tell you that if you are flying with children and the oxygen masks deploy you should put your own mask on first and then secure the child’s. You’re no help to anyone if you don’t take care of yourself.

Some of you may be asking, what are personal boundaries? I searched and found the perfect definition from Z. Hereford in the article Healthy Personal Boundaries and How to Establish Them

“Personal boundaries are the physical, emotional and mental limits we establish to protect ourselves from being manipulated, used, or violated by others. They allow us to separate who we are, and what we think and feel, from the thoughts and feelings of others. Their presence helps us express ourselves as the unique individuals we are, while we acknowledge the same in others.”

Sounds simple right? It is. I know that you may think that it is hard to really do, but trust me when you choose yourself first that it really makes it easy to not allow your personal boundaries to be crossed. Setting boundaries allows you to no longer be a victim. You become the leader of your own life. You become responsible for your own happiness.

I have to be honest. Setting personal boundaries was not a lesson that I learned early on. I learned to establish boundaries at 41. Can you believe it? I don’t want you to wait. I don’t want Munch to wait. You have to choose you.

I started to choose me first. I started to realize that I would not allow someone else’s feelings or thoughts about me impact my life. I choose to re-evaluate my life and relationships to remove toxic people. I chose to live my life on my own terms without giving a care as to who felt otherwise or didn’t like it.

I chose me.

It can seem overwhelming when you create boundaries and try to enforce them, but you need to remember that it is part of your personal responsibility. To yourself. No one can make you happy but YOU. So, the power lies within.

You have to take responsibility for how people treat you. You have to know that if you continue to allow disrespect and you don’t want it then it really is your fault. Stop letting people tell you that you have to have a relationship with someone that mistreats you because they are a relative or you are connected through children. You don’t. You just live your life choosing you first.

Forgiveness for me honestly means that I don’t dwell on the negativity, pain and hurt you caused. It means that I remove you from my life with little to no contact. I don’t allow you the opportunity to hear my voice or be in my presence. I set the tone. I set the rules.

Trust me when I tell you that this is the most freeing way to live. I actually dated men that I allowed to walk all over my boundaries and then justified their behavior and rezoned my boundaries. Yep, I was crazy. Why would I ever allow someone that kind of power in my life?

Because I subscribed to the belief that I had to be this ever forgiving doormat for others to walk on. I believed that otherwise people would think I wasn’t nice. I was trying to live up to an image others expected. Now…I don’t.

I live for me. My life. My choices. I forgive. I keep my boundaries firm. I choose me. You need to do the same.


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Motivational Monday Moment – 11.27.17

Today is the last Monday of the month. I was trying to think of ways to inspire you when I thought about what I’ll be doing today. I’ll be at Munch’s school volunteering to help the staff get the children’s fall photos done. Yes, we’re late. Yes, I’m disappointed about the time the school selected, but I’m so happy.

Why? Because I love to watch the children smile or hide smiles. Some kids grin is so wide and goofy that you have no other choice but to smile. Others think they’re too cool to smile and I’ll stand behind the photographer and make funny faces. Smiling is very good for you it’s healthy.

I think we all need to remember to smile. No matter what is going on in life you can’t let the enemy see you falter. You have to get up, keep fighting, keep pushing forward and doing it with a smile. There’s truth in a smile. There’s pain in a smile, but there’s also joy and hope in a smile. 


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I Said Yes

I said yes to being a panel judge for a pageant geared towards young women. Can you believe it? I’m a feminist. Isn’t it a contradiction to want to judge young ladies on the way they dress, speak and walk? Am I sending a wrong message? Ugh, I struggled with the question when asked and then I realized that I’m not.


Why? Because feminism is about equality for women. I am not going stop being who I am and let’s be real…aren’t we all judged everyday? So, I decided to research the pageant before committing. I mean, I didn’t want to set my gender back by judging a swimsuit competition.

Here’s what I discovered:


Pageant Evolution

The Pageant began in 1955, only one year after the annual Labor Day Festival originated. The first Pageant was open to women between the ages of 15 and 50. It was a fundraiser for the construction of the Youth Center building. Votes were cast by turning in pennies in collection jars set out at various businesses, and children helped collect penny votes. The woman with the most pennies to her credit won the title. The first winner was married and had three children when she won at the age of 30!

In 1956, the rules were modified slightly. Entrants had to be single and between the ages of 16 and 25. The contest was called the “Popularity Crown” or “Popularity Contest.” Once the Youth Center was a reality, the theme evolved to “Unity Through Community Involvement.” Over the years, the Pageant has been modified, streamlined, and organized under various directors, becoming what is known today as the Pageant System. In 1982, the swimsuit competition was removed. The Little Miss and Junior Miss contests were added in the 1980s. In 1992 the Pageant began to emphasize the importance of education, and gave scholarships to the title winners.

The competition is designed to teach girls poise and self confidence, how to be at ease with themselves and others, and how to have fun in a team effort toward a common goal.

All contestants receive special recognition in the Pageant System because everyone is viewed as a winner!

NICE, FRANCE - DECEMBER 05: Miss Normandie Malika Menard (L) receives the crown from 2009  Miss France Chloe Mortaud (R) during the 2010 Miss France Beauty pageant at Palais Nikaia on December 5, 2009 in Nice, France.  (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Malika Menard;Chloe Mortaud

Yeah! I liked the pageant evolution and decided that I would love to be a judge because of these three things:

  1. There is no swimsuit competition and that it was removed 33 years ago. No exploitation of young women’s bodies. I liked that.
  2. They are teaching girls poise, self confidence and how to be at ease with themselves. This is awesome. You don’t learn this until later in life and a competition that focuses on that is something I am interested in being a part of. Empowering our girls is awesome!
  3. There is scholarship money to college. I believe in education and with the rising costs of education in this country, this is a great way to gain life skills and earn money towards your tuition.

I had to stop and smell the roses. I wasn’t selling out my gender by participating as a judge in a pageant. I was empowering young women to see the beauty in who they are and be a part of an organization that believes that they are all winners.


Now, back to the movement!

Three Types of People

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to my girlfriend about Mr. K. I was telling her what a gentleman he was and how I really liked that he was raised right. I told her that he was a good guy and just normal. I told her that I never had normal. I told her how I’m just enjoying the normal. He’s not perfect. Don’t get me wrong. Everyone has something, but he’s just a good person.

She asked me what if we got into a serious relationship, would I stop the weekly dinners at his parents? Nope. She said, “No, I mean you both are serious and in a committed relationship. You would let him go?” “Yes” I replied. It is their tradition. I told her that I would never interfere with family tradition and I like that they do that. She smiled and told me that she thought it was weird that he has dinner with his parents weekly. I smiled at her sincerely and said, “No, it’s not weird.” She asked, “It’s not?” “Nope” I told her. “It’s normal. We’re broken so normal things seem abnormal to the broken.” She asked, “So, that’s what it is?” “Yeah” I sighed.

I then went on to explain that there are three types of people in the world: broken, broken and healed and never been broken. I told her that Mr. K has never been broken so his being and doing normal things seem weird to those that have been broken.  Let me break it down further:

  1. Broken People – People that have suffered a traumatic life altering experience whether through health crisis, death or violence. They were fundamentally changed by that experience in some way, shape or form. The memories are still there. The pain is still evident. The scars can be seen by everyone. They will either be aggressive and have anger management issues or they could be hiding behind the pain with numbing items such as drugs (prescription or non-prescription) or alcohol. They are still bound by the chains of pain.
  2. Broken and Healed People – These are broken people (see definition above) that have received helped from the pain and are healed. The scars have healed and they are able to cope and deal with their brokenness. They’ve sought counseling and grown in their faith. The combination of therapy and their faith has allowed them to look at the pain as traumatic but they’ve learned how to cope and not let their past darken their future. They’ve broken the chains of their painful experiences.
  3. Never Been Broken People – These are people who have never experienced a traumatic event that shaped their world view or experiences. They have problems like everyone else, but thankfully they have never been broken.

There you have it. I am in Category #2 and thankfully I am healed from my pain and can talk about it without shame. Without feeling like I’m being judged or looked at awkwardly. I hold my head high because my faith and therapy have allowed me to get past the sexual assaults. I have a voice that I want to utilize to educate young men and women that these experiences are horrific but they will not define the whole of who you are. Only you can do that. Only you can want to heal. It takes time and it will get easier. Just know that I know and I will be here.

I’m thankful that I’m in category #2 and Mr. K is in category #3. It means that I can value and appreciate the normalcy of us. I can sense his uneasiness when I discuss the sexual violence of my past. I can sense his concern when my eyes tear up as I discuss the prison pipeline that we are creating for our young girls that are also suffering violence. I can sense his admiration when he says to me “I’m happy you shared your story with me. You are the most brilliant woman I know.” I smile.

I tell him that all I do is advocate for those who feel they have no voice. I am healed by the grace of God, but I will always remember being broken. I pray continually for everyone and especially those who are broken that they find the peace that they are looking for. Our world would definitely be a better place as a result of it.

Until next time loves!


Why Are You Single?

That was the question that I asked Mr. K last week. We were having a conversation and I said, “Why are you single?” I wanted to know. I had to know. You know that whole inquiring minds thing right?

No, it was more than that. This man is different. He opens doors. He pulls out my chair. He listens. He follows through when it comes to showing interest in things I’m doing whether personally or professionally. He converses about things he knows nothing about because I want to talk about them. He listens enthusiastically and makes me feel uber smart and appreciated.

So, you’re probably thinking, T, if you know all of this then why are you asking this man why he’s single? Right? Because I had to know. I mean he’s too good to be true. He’s normal. Normal is good. I mean he has dinner with his parents  every Wednesday. Sidebar: I think this is so cool.

His response? “Because I want to be.” He explained to me that he had two serious relationships that scarred him. He told me how he felt that he couldn’t be with a woman after his divorce because he paid an astronomical amount in child support. He said that he felt that he couldn’t date a woman while paying all that money. Wow! I was shocked by his honesty. But, appreciated that he shared that.

However, I wasn’t expecting his next question though…why are you single? I said because I’m a handful. He laughed. I told him that I was over playing a shrinking violet in someone’s orchestra when I was born to be the prima ballerina in my own ballet. I told him that I am all about compatibility and friendship first. I want to take my time experiencing being courted and making memories that matter and mean something in my life.

I explained that I am in no rush to do anything because I’ve been married before and I don’t want anymore children. I’m done. So for me it truly is me knowing and accepting the fact that the man who is supposed to be in my life will seek me out, court me, understand me, accept me and love me and my son with everything he has. He said I get it. I told him, “Remember when I told you that I want a man who knows I’m the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?” He said, “Yeah.” I replied, “That’s why I’m still single. No man has recognized that.”

Fast forward to today and I’m thinking, self-reflecting, self-evaluating and such and I realized that I was sorta right. I mean I think men recognized that I was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but they took it for granted that I would always be there shining for them. It sucks, but those experiences only made me stronger.


The Self-Sabotaging Sister

I, like many women realized one thing about me… I am a self-sabotaging sister. I am so used to dating losers or men that are whack or have whack tendencies/traits that I don’t know how to appreciate and accept the good guy standing in front of me. I’m always thinking what a loser.


I’m learning in my time of transition what love and relationships are supposed to be. Not that I’m in love, I’m just saying that I realized a lot of what I thought I knew about love was based on the premise that love was supposed to be painful. That love was supposed to hurt and be violent. That love was supposed to be difficult, controlling, insulting and just plain hard.


I’m not sure why I thought that. I mean my wedding ceremony incorporated the famous wedding verse:

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (NRSV)

Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

But, I didn’t know what that verse truly meant. I mean I had survived dating and we had crossed over into marriage which I knew would be difficult, but I had to endure. We took vows. Pain could be temporary. I’ll just do better, try harder, pray more and be more vigilant. You see that?

I was blaming me.

I sat there and looked at it is my sole responsibility to fix the foolishness of my marriage. I accepted that it was my fault and I took vows and I need to be truthful to those vows. I mean it did say for better or worse. Worse can only be temporary right?

My wake-up call came when I started to realize this one fundamental fact…God’s love for me is not painful. It is ever-present. It is comforting. I realized that I wanted and needed that kind of love from a partner.

I want a patient love. I want a love that is easy-going and supportive. I want a love where we are not resentful of the successes we have. I want a love that will stand the test of time and be anointed by God.

I’m not in love. I’m just dating a great guy that it sometimes baffles me what he sees in my nerdy and neurotic self. It feels good to be courted in the traditional sense. No foolishness. No disrespect. Just good conversation and friendship. He’s a grown man. He’s a nice man and I am vowing to just accept that he’s a good guy who likes me for me.


The Collector

The other night while I was perusing Facebook, I saw this post:

and paused. I sighed. I realized that I know some collectors. I’ve dated collectors. I don’t like to be collected. No one does. Dictionary.com defines a collector as a noun. A person or thing that collects.

Good or bad, I think many women and maybe some men can say that they’ve known a collector or two. Rather personally or professionally. Collectors simply collect things. Is it bad to collect things? No. But, should you collect men or women with no thought of them? No.

Collectors are selfish. Whether or not they know it is another thing, but let’s be real clear…collecting people for personal gain is just plain selfish. I dated a guy before who told me simply ,”I know I’m a better man with you than without you, but I’m just not ready to be in a relationship.” I was young, naive and believed that I could change him. I believed that if I stuck around and loved him harder and made him see what he could have that he would look up one day and see that I was worthy.

You get that? I thought that there was something wrong with me. I thought that I wasn’t worthy of his love because he wasn’t ready to love me. I believed in him and refused to accept that I couldn’t change him. I believed that if I just stuck around that when he wanted to be in a relationship, he would pick me. I refused to see that he had the problem. He was a collector.

How did I know? He told me that he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship with anyone. So, he dated me and other women. I was good for a little bit until I started asking questions and wanting something more. He would then put me on the shelf so to speak while he spent time with another woman in his collection. I would get frustrated and start dating other people. When I became less available to him, he would do something so sweet or romantic that pulled me back in (taking me off the shelf). But, he was manipulating me.

However, I allowed him to do so because I didn’t value my worth. There’s nothing wrong with being a valuable piece, but if you don’t know your worth, you will fall for a collector and allow them to manipulate the situation. You think you’re strong enough to handle it, but really ask yourself this question…should you? Should you have to handle or deal with someone who is a collector and not really going to commit to you. Commit to any one person? No.

As the author of this post stated, there is no true formula to relationships. They are fluid. You give and you take. Go with the flow as some people have said, but what I want you to remember is that if the person you’re going along with the flow won’t answer your questions when you’re trying to determine how you should dress for the ride (a life jacket or not, LOL), you’re probably dating a collector. Step away.

Move on and know that you’re worth so much more than being a piece in his collection.

Take care loves!


Fat and Happy

During my daily scroll on the Huffington Post last week, I spotted an interesting article entitled “If You Cannot Love Me Fat Then Don’t Love Me At All” and was instantly intrigued. Why? The title alone screams “Read Me Now”. In a day and age where we are all looking for someone to love or stay in love I wanted to see what the author had to say about loving a fat person.

It’s a great read because the author, Tony Posnanski, is telling his struggles with weight loss and meeting and finding his wife who loved and accepted him from day one as a big guy. He went from 220 pounds when they first met to gaining 75 pounds in the first two months of dating. His weight was up and down and what remained consistent was the fact that his wife loved him just as he was.

Don’t we all wish that someone would love us just the way we are? No trying to change me, just pure acceptance? As a curvy girl myself, I’m not arguing that his weight being up and down is a good thing. We all know the numerous health risks associated with obesity. He doesn’t discuss his issues with weight loss. He just wanted you to know that…If you can’t love me as I am, then don’t love me at all.


Girl Using A Tape Measure Checking Her Waistline


While some of you may think that it is quite obvious that’s what everyone wants, I would like to let you know that is not the case with curvy folks or specifically curvy girls. As a curvy girl, I’ve had men who wanted to help me get slim or question my workout routine or eating habits. What? Really?

It’s crazy. I don’t diet. I make healthier food choices, drink more water, get plenty of rest and exercise regularly. I want to live for my son. I want to be healthy for him. Not skinny. Healthy. I’m 40 and I have no health problems (knocks on wood). I want to keep it that way.

I want someone that loves me the way that I am knowing that my weight may fluctuate. In my younger days, I was fortunate to date some really great guys who loved me the way I was. One such guy, was Brian. He said that he loved me the way I was and that as long as I didn’t get bigger than him then he would never say a word. I inquired, “What if I do get bigger than you then what?” He looked at me and said, “Then I would say, baby we need to hit the gym. We’re putting on the pounds.” I smiled. I liked that answer. “We”.

There is nothing wrong with being accepted just the way you are today. It may not be pounds like me, but don’t you want acceptance by someone you love? It could be a physical or mental disability, but love should and hopefully would conqueror all.



It’s My Fault

Last week I read the below Facebook post and experienced my own Aha moment! Not that there was a great idea associated with the author’s post that I didn’t know, but it was more that I was listening to my inner spirit. My conscience was reminding me that I’m going through a transformation period and like I said in an earlier post, God is telling me to harvest my field. Reading this post reminded me of one fundamental fact…It’s my fault.

It’s my fault if I allow people to disrespect me and the relationships we have. It’s my fault if I don’t acknowledge the brokenness and continue in a perpetual cycle of insanity. Then why can’t I be honest with myself? Why can’t I stop trying to find the good in people and understand that the only thing I can control is…me.

My girlfriend reminded me the other day about this. When we were talking and I was expressing my frustrations about things that were happening and she said it, “Sweetie, you can’t blame them. You need to blame yourself because you are allowing the disrespect, dysfunction or insanity to continue.” She reminded me what the late Dr. Maya Angelou said…

“When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”

Yep, I was trying to fix and give people all kinds of chances because I knew I could see good in their character. It isn’t that they aren’t good people. They just aren’t good for me. So, when I read the Facebook post it was confirmation of what my inner spirit was saying. Stop trying to make a square peg fit in a round circle.

I’m my own worst enemy and over the years, I’ve had some amazing and some not so amazing people enter my life. The good ones give me advice that speaks to my spirit years later and reminds me when I’m at a crossroads that I need to evaluate and change things. For example, a young man that I met at my second job outside of college said to me

“Relationships are supposed to be symbiotic which means we both get something from them. If you are the only one giving and you’re not getting anything from it then it is parasitic and you must end it.”

I was 24 when he said this to me. So, how come almost 20 years later I’m just truly understanding the value in what he said? How many of us are staying in parasitic relationships because we believe that we can change the other person? How many of us feel depleted emotionally, spiritually, financially or physically because we can’t let go? Me.

I had arrived at my Aha moment and realized that it is my fault. If I am honest with myself from the start then I will see people for who they truly are the first time. I will embrace the truth – the first time.

Be blessed my loves!

Boy Painting On A Blank Canvas