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October is Domestic Violence Awareness

Not sure if you know it or not, but October is Domestic Violence Awareness month too. I realized that many may overlook it because it’s easier to remember to wear pink and show support for an equally worthy cause, breast cancer. But when I read this article on USA Today about the National Football League (NFL), I was in agreement with the author and decided to do something about it. So, I will spend some time each week bringing light to domestic violence in hopes of educating and encouraging us to recognize the signs and to hopefully seek help to get out of unhealthy situations. It’s not just women that are abused. Men too.

It’s about control. Plain and simple. I witnessed domestic violence first hand as a child. As a young woman in relationships, I was a victim too it. Not to the physical violence, but the emotional, psychological and sexual violence. I am the face of domestic violence. But, I didn’t know it was domestic violence. No one ever told me.

October is not just Breast Cancer Awareness month but also Domestic Violence Awareness month. Although I don’t know anyone who has ever been diagnosed with breast cancer, I still support it. But, as a victim of domestic violence, I think I have to take a stand and promote this awareness. Not just for me, but for my friends, family and others who may be suffering.

So, each week I will dedicate one post to hopefully bring about awareness to this serious and just as worthy cause.



  1. Thank you so much for your advocacy. As a surviving victim of domestic violence, I truly believe that it would be very helpful consistently raising awareness to domestic violence and possibly save someones life. Thank you ♥

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    1. You’re so welcome. I am an advocate for domestic violence awareness because I suffered through it as a child in my parent’s marriage. I dealt with some emotional abuse in my marriage and I watch my friends suffer through it. I want to remind women and men who are being abused that you need to leave. It’s okay. October is more than breast cancer. Domestic violence awareness matters too.

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      1. I never knew that domestic violence was being advocated but now that I do know, I will be proactive and share the news.

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