No Labels

Why is it that we can put labels on all kind of things, except when we’re dating? I’ve met so many people who tell me that they don’t want to put labels on their relationships or lack there of. What’s wrong with labeling something you have? Doesn’t it kinda let people know that it is yours?

ctp4516_name_label_stickersWhat is wrong with men not wanting to define a relationship? What’s wrong with women allowing this type of no-label situation in their life if they want more? Are we doing more harm by just staying in situations that don’t have a title just to say that we have a man…I think?

I mean, I’ve heard stories of men being in “non-committed and label-less situations” with women for years. Do the women want more? Yes. Do the men know it? Absolutely. So, what are they doing about it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

See, in their minds, they’ve expressed that they don’t want a relationship. That they are not interested in trying to build a home with you. But, we women are stubborn. We believe that if we love hard and try harder and perfect ourselves that you men will wake up and see how wonderful we are and want to be with us.

Crazy huh? It’s true. I’ve been there. Done that. And you know what? It didn’t work. All I did was spend time trying to prove to someone what I know already…


that I’m the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It doesn’t mean that I’m perfect. I’m a gift. I’m precious. My heart and spirit would be an honor to have and if you can’t see that then you’re not the man for me. You’re just temporary. But, I don’t blame the men. I blame us. We allow ourselves to be strung along with no hope of a relationship.

We need to stop it. Stop and recognize our true worth. Stop and realize that we can’t go looking for “the one”. Stop trying to force people to be something they’re not. Just let it go.

Because trust me…the one who is for you will need no convincing. There is no speech you have to give. No ultimatum that will need to come. He will want to claim you. He will want the whole world to know that you’re his.



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