Dating Chronicles: Looks Matter

Let’s cut to the chase. Looks matter. You have to have some attraction to a person to even remotely want to interact with them in a non-professional setting. That being said, it is not at the top five things in my “must have” category in relationships.

But, you must have something to lure your bait right? Why? Because you’re fishing for interaction from the opposite sex. You want someone to respond to you so that you can try to charm them and get to know them. However, you have to know what cards to play.

Don’t play the card “I got money.” That is the worse thing you can do. No one knows if you have money or you’re playing at having money. Gold diggers care if you have money from your pictures. Not professional women. It makes you seem shallow. You should focus on your positives or find something that will allow someone to interact with you. Make them want to get to know you. Make them engage with you.

Remember the introduction post? Your introduction has to be strong or people won’t bother responding. How can you be mad if you say “Hello” and someone responds back “Hello”? You need to work on crafting a witty and engaging introduction to someone you find attractive.

Now, here’s where I pause to say that I hate when men comment on my beauty. Not that I think I’m unattractive or a supermodel, but I want you to engage me for something you find interesting about my personality. Not my looks. But, I’ve been told multiple times that men are hunters and they find attractive women to pursue. This is why I get the comments of “Hey Sexy”, “Hey Beautiful” or “Hey Gorgeous”.

I get it now. I’ve accepted it. I thank them for the compliment and I appreciate the interest. However, what if you’re not attractive? I think most people are aware what people like about them. They know in their 40’s what are their good qualities. What is it about them that people find interesting? Use that when doing on-line dating. Bring out what others find attractive about you.

Using what you find to be attractive about you will allow me to see if there is interest. What is it about you that draws me in? Your introduction, your dress, your smile or your profile? If you have none of these items, I have to tell you that I won’t respond. Not at all. Even with you sending me a photo sitting on a car.

On to the next one !


Until next time!


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