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Dating Chronicles: A Good Introduction

So, many of you have been reading and hearing about my dating drama that I thought I would reiterate that dating sucks. Why? Because it’s hard. It’s hard to get to know people and develop friendships with like-minded individuals and I’m so over dating clowns that I want to take a dating hiatus.

My friends all tell me that it’s trial and error and a process. But, what I’m finding is that at 40…I have no patience. There are so many broken people out there that it is becoming difficult to even be able to get to know someone without wondering what “hell” they’ve just come through. That is my current situation.

Recently, I’ve been telling my friends how I’ve become sort of disenfranchised with the whole dating thing. I am starting to have a “why bother” attitude. Now, let me pause and tell you why dating is difficult for me:

  1. I will never date anyone who goes to my church. My ex still goes to my church and that is too weird. I can’t even comprehend that.
  2. I will never date anyone who comes into contact with my son through his school or extracurricular activities. This limits a lot of folks. I just don’t want people knowing my son at this stage.
  3. I will never date anyone I work with. I am all about professionalism and my reputation is very important to me.

Okay, so now you see why finding someone is hard with these limitations? Will I be able to relax some? Probably not. But, who knows. I’m a work in progress. LOL. However, what I’ve found is that when dating people (especially on-line) it is important to have a good introduction. Women are so tired of the simple “Hello” or “Hello. How are you?” Can you please create an introduction that will make me smile and want to engage in conversation?

Like this one I received last week:

Hello, how are you? I don`t want to waste your time or mine so i`m going to get right to the point. I`m sure you have a lot of fans,and i`m sure you receive a ton of messages, but i still feel the need to let my presence be known. I`m not going to make you any empty promises nor am i going to ramble on about what i could do FOR you or TO you. But what i am going to do is put my cards on the table and let you decide whether or not i`m someone that you would allow into your world. Since my profile doesn’t give any personal info about myself and since you ARE my future wife i guess it’s only right i fill you in. I`m 6`1-225,single,no kids,VERY AFFECTIONATE,i live ALONE,legally self-employed,(search for iPartCars.com on YouTube, if you want to see how hard your hubby works…lol ), I cook, and did i mention VERY AFFECTIONATE???….So if u feel like u are overdue to be loved and appreciated,and showered with affection, then i dont think the risk of one 5 min call is asking for too much, do u??? The ball is in your court now, so i`ll let you decide on who calls who, either way is fine with me, i just want you to be comfortable…..TRUST ME, this call could DEFINITELY change your life…Well, i hope to hear back from you soon, and even if i don`t i would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read my lil note and stay beautiful

Hilarious right? Totally made me smile and made feel better about on-line dating. Did I fall for it? Nope. But, he got major cool points for originality. Part of the on-line dating process is weeding out the ones who are just “fishing” for a woman with no real intention. He probably tells all the women the same thing. However, I suggest men take notes from the guy above and keep it original. Women like a good introduction.

P.S. I hate it when men can’t even take the time to proofread and misspell words. I have a degree in English. It kinda is a sore spot. I’m just saying.

Until next time.

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  1. I received this same email from this guy, WORD FOR WORD, and I hate to admit, I fell for it. I was skeptical at first, but he has the gift of gab. He is extremely charming and has perfected his craft. He can talk his way into or out of most anything. Great job dodging this bullet, but I wonder how my women have received this same email.

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  2. Wow. Yes I recall those days. I had met my ex husband when I was 19 so when we got divorced in my early 30’s I was terrified. With the help of my codependent recovery sponsor and a great book called Boundaries in Dating I started to figure things out. It came down to learning to value myself and waiting for what I wanted vs settling for what I didn’t. It probably sounds over-used but I really did I have figure out who I was first. Anyway, glad you’re keeping a sense of humor 😉 that helps!

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