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Purposeful Project

Munch had a school project for reading due yesterday. It was pretty basic because it was teaching your children how to do a reading project. However, Munch is in a French Immersion school that is working to obtain the International Baccalaureate (IB) designation that he’s done three projects this year already. But, this was an interesting one.

He had to create a poster for some school or community project. He had to have a title, draw or paste pictures and write sentences about the project on the poster board. I asked him what he wanted to do it on and he said classroom pets. “I think we should all have classroom pets” he said. I laughed and told him that we needed to do some research and get more specific.

So, we researched Pet Therapy and decided that would be a perfect initiative for the school to undertake. Munch loved the idea and I liked the underlining meaning that I was giving his reading teacher about my Munch’s anxiety and the benefits of pet therapy. Do I think they will incorporate it? Nope, but I anticipate that my baby will get a dang “A”.

I liked our purposeful project.



  1. I swear the more I read about munch I think he’s a young adult already, way to go mom! I love how you channel and harness his knowledge to take his good ideas and make them great ideas!

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