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Do You Have Passion?

I recently discovered something about myself. I’m a passionate person. Not just in my quest for world domination, but in my desire to date and find equal partnerships. I need to have passion with a man. I have no interest in a passionless relationship.


I didn’t always have or want passion. I had purpose. Purpose was more important than passion or so I thought. But, it’s not. Their equals. I want both passion and purpose with a partner. Can a true partnership survive without passion?


Possibly, but wouldn’t that allow the partner to seek passion somewhere else? If you are passionate about things in your life that fuel your purpose, don’t you want that with your partner? Passionate kisses for no reasons. Passionate hugs and tickles just because. Being able to reach over and grab your partner’s hand because you need their strength? Because let’s be real…we definitely work harder for things and people we’re passionate about.



  1. Passion and Purpose both are important. I like to think that I am both. Though, I think I have been much better at being both in my second marriage than I was in my first. Having a happy blend and not allowing life to get stale and mundane.

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