1. I just signed up for Fiverr about 2 weeks ago but I still have yet to use the service but I was happy to see there are so many different types of services provided. I’ve been wanting to self-host my site for some time now, was all set until I found out my original theme wasn’t compatible with the self-hosting platform.

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      1. That’s what I was trying to do but the Premium template I was using wasn’t compatible on wordpress.org. I wish I would have known that before I attempted to make the change.

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      2. Dang. That sucks. People should know that. Maybe you should write a cautionary post before choosing a premium template and then trying to self-host. Will it work on Go Daddy?

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      3. I left GoDaddy for Siteground but the problem wasn’t with them vs. WordPress. When I get my thoughts sorted out that’s not a bad idea to do a post on this topic. I believe my mistake was assuming that paying for a premium theme meant it would be compatible to use when transferring over to wordpress.org but I was wrong.

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      4. When I was going through it with them it was one of the first things I mentioned to them that they should have it documented somewhere because I looked everywhere before making the changes and this particular piece on this specific premium template was not mentioned anywhere. When I have some time I’ll have to go back to see if they’ve updated their instructions on moving from wp.com to wp.org.

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  2. This is very good to know. I have been thinking about using Fiverr for design purposes but just never got around to it. I have, however, recommended it to someone else. Now that I see what the results can be I am more likely to use that service.
    I love those kind of sites that allow you to hire someone do a task without charging you an arm and a leg.
    Thanks for this Sis 🙂

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