Moving to a Self-Hosted Platform

Help! One of my goals for 2018 was to move to a self-hosted platform and I’m struggling to make a decision. For those of you that may be new to blogging, moving to a self-hosted platform will allow me more control over my blog with regards to customizing functions and style. It’s daunting as heck, but oh so worth it.

I know this. I’ve watched my blog grow from about 100 followers in 2014 when I first started to get back into blogging to 700 in late 2016 and now I’m almost at 2,500 WordPress subscribers. There has been growth.

In that time, I’ve contributed to two books being published and many posts. I’m working on my craft and working on turning my passion into profit. To that end, I want to be able to have more control on my blog and website. It’s time.

But, I’m overwhelmed by it all. I know that I can’t be alone. Were you overwhelmed when you started researching the move to a self-hosted platform? How did you make the choice to move? Which platform did you select? Was it hard to implement? What was the cost? I’m looking at cost, ease of use and unmetered storage.

It’s just me. Doing it on my own, but I’m hoping to have an interactive blog/website running by year end. Did you get overwhelmed by doing it yourself? What are some of the things/thoughts that I should be thinking about?

I really need your help. All advice is greatly appreciated.



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Guest Hosting 2018

Hello my faithful and wonderful readers. I am taking a blogging break from May 31, 2018 through June 15, 2018. I will be on medical leave. Don’t worry, I will be fine. All glory goes to God because I know HE has me.

However, I need you. I need guest bloggers. If you would like to guest host on my blog during this time, let me know and I would love to host you.

What do you have to do? Here are my housekeeping items because there are always rules. I need you to know what you’re getting into. Here goes…

  • Read through my site. I discuss everything about life, love, dating, parenting and relationships and anything in between. Keep with my genre topics.
  • Make it fun and relateable. Your goal is to get the reader to want to know more about you and to follow you.
  • Respond to any comments a reader leaves on my page. This is a must for me. Let them know that you appreciate their response on your post and answer any questions.
  • Keep the swearing to a minimum. I love a good curse word two, but your post shouldn’t be all about your invention of new curse words.
  • Posts should be between 250-800 words
  • Create a catchy title
  • Reblog and share on your site and social media handles

I will be scheduling posts in advance and reading through comments and responding to some posts in between my recovery. If you’re interested, please email me at

Thank you in advance.


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Danny’s World: A Common Question

It’s funny, I have no where near the numbers of followers that Danny and Jason have, but I get asked this question a lot too. Please check out what Danny has to say about growing your blog. He is one of the main people that I followed when I started to blog. Read him and you will understand why.

Source: Danny’s World: A Common Question

Here are some tips that Danny shares as well:  Danny’s World – A Few Blogging Tips



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March Goals

February was one of the best months that I’ve had ever since I’ve been blogging. Here are my stats for February.

My March goals are as follows:

  • Post 35 times
  • Share at least 5 posts this month
  • Do 2 Book Reviews
  • Share an Interview
  • Follow 5 quality bloggers this month



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6 Blogging Lessons

We are community of bloggers who write and hope that people will read our stuff right? That people will engage and want to share our material, right? Good. So, I wanted to share my 6 blogging lessons.

  1. Do Unto Others What You Would Want Done to You – The golden rule. You want to make sure that you are writing quality material on your own. Don’t plagiarize or steal someone’s stuff. Don’t have a blog set-up with no original content and then just share everyone’s stuff. I understand you are probably sharing things you enjoy, but take the time to write a couple of quality pieces on your own. Post memes or whatever, but let other bloggers know who you are so an interaction can begin. If bloggers share your work, thank them. Whether it be a tweet or a reblog, please acknowledge that.
  2. Open Link in a New Window – This is the most basic blogging lesson that I have to share it. When you are linking to a prior post, someone else’s site, etc. Please click that little box that says “Open Link in a New Window”. That allows me to see what you’re sharing but be able to like and comment on your post. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve clicked on a post to be directed to something new and forgot to go back and click on your page to like or comment. You lose me with that one and I assume that I’m not the only one you’re losing.
  3. Schedule Posts – Many people ask me how I do it all. How do you comment, read and write while working a full-time job? It’s tough. I try to plan out as many posts as I can for the next 7 days. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. However, the lesson learned is that you have to plan out your topics. Think about things you want to share and schedule them around peak times. Check your peak times (when most bloggers view your blog) and try to schedule around that time. It may drive more viewers to your blog. Don’t be afraid to write things out. I journal a lot of thoughts and try to develop them as I’m writing and working. It helps.
  4. Don’t get frustrated – We all hit a writer’s block. Too many thoughts and nothing in particular that we want to write about. It happens. Maybe you’re in a funk and you figure no one cares. We do. Write about what matters to you. We are a village and sometimes your post will inspire and encourage someone. Blogging isn’t an overnight success business. Your numbers will fluctuate. You will feel like you’re not growing at the pace you should. What pace is that? Everyone’s journey is different. Write what matters and adjust as you need. There is no overnight success.
  5. Don’t do a follow for follow – I get it…you’re new. You want to grow your base. However, don’t harass bloggers into following you. Let the relationship grow naturally. If they read your posts, engage with you many times people will follow you. They see you’re genuine and want to like and interact with you. If they don’t do it…no worries. Nothing is promised. Choose to follow them or not, but don’t guilt or harass them into following you.
  6. Read Other Bloggers – When you are blogging, working full-time, going to school, have children, etc or a life,  it gets frustrating because you don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done. I get it. But, you have to be committed to those that are committed to you. You have to read the work of others and comment. I like a lot of posts. I will share posts on my Facebook page and many of you may not know it. I tweet great reads. I stay connected. Me liking your page means that I’ve read what you said. Trust me…I will not like everything and that is okay too. You don’t have to like everything someone writes.

Well, those are my 6 lessons learned in blogging. Anything else you want to share? Anything I’ve missed?



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Behind the Scenes Blogging Tag

I saw this post on Stephanie’s Making Time for Me blog and wanted to participate. I thought it was a great way to get to know me and for me to know you. I want you to join in on the fun as well.

  1. Where Do You Blog?  Usually at work. I draft out my ideas and work on them at home. Rarely do I write a new post at home from beginning to end. I haven’t hooked up my desktop since I moved so I hate blogging on the laptop. Not sure why, but it is easier when I’m sitting at a desk to organize my thoughts.
  1. Where Do You Find Inspiration For Your Blog Posts? Everywhere. This blog is a reflection of me and my life and everything around me. I love being able to bring you into my world and walking with you on this journey.
  1. How Long Does It Take You To Write a Blog Post?  About an hour depending on the subject. If it’s a hot topic it may be longer. If not I pretty much know what I’m going to say.
  1. Do You Plan Your Blog Posts? How?  For the most part yes. I have an outline of topics that I want to talk about and then I write the posts and schedule them. If something news breaking happens I write those impromptu.
  1. What Kind of Camera Do You Use? What Editing Program?  Usually I take photos on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I mainly edit them on Photo Grid and post them.
  1. Do You Use a Notebook To Track Your Ideas?  Yes, believe it or not. I have a journal that a friend gave me for Christmas and I journal my ideas and thoughts. I’m old school like that. LOL.
  1. How Do You Take Your Pictures?  My cell phone.
  1. What’s Your Favorite Type of Blog Post to Write?  My parenting stories are my favorite. Whether it be my co-parenting struggle or my son’s accomplishments, those are definitely my favorite.
  1. Who Knows About Your Blog?  Umm, I don’t know. Apparently a lot of my church friends read them. Some I didn’t even know of. It’s weird. My friends read my posts (the guy I dated a couple of years ago, my best friend Nikki and Mr. C). My cousins read my blog, but my siblings or mother don’t. That initially bothered me but I read a post on someone’s blog that said something like “your journey is not theirs and you can’t resent folks for not taking it with you.” That was pretty powerful and I stopped worrying about who didn’t read it. However, it is a requirement to be in a relationship with me.
  1. Are You an Organized or a Messy Blogger?  I would say organized. I’m a planner so I tend to utilize that need to plan out things to my advantage. I’ve not posted because I didn’t have anything to say so I don’t just do it for the clicks. I do it because I want to bring you into my world.
  1. Biggest Blogging Pet Peeve?  Bloggers that don’t engage with their readers. When I’m the only one reading and commenting on your posts and you never take the time to do the same, I stop reading. I read between 150-250 posts a day and although I don’t comment on every single one, I do like, tweet and reblog some great posts. I try to let the bloggers know that I’m engaged. I appreciate the same courtesy.


Playlist Party: An Adventurous Musical Meet & Greet

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Howdy Peopleaneous!

Don’t you just love that word? “Howdy”? Probably not, but maybe I can change your mind. My mamaw always used that word in greeting. “Howdy, Steph,” she’d say with a grin, in her warm, gravelly smoker’s voice. Steph. She just had to call me Steph. Hell, everyone did. I don’t know why it bothered me so much. But when Mamaw said, “Howdy, Steph!,” it didn’t matter.

I loved it. Some people teased her for it, but she kept on saying “howdy” anyway. And so I adopted it, early on. But I mostly only greeted her that way. Mostly.

Until she passed.

And now I say it at work, lots. “Howdy, Gary!” “Howdy, Richard!” “Howdy, y’all!”

People laugh, as though the joke’s on me for being weird. And I’m okay with that. Because Mamaw. I tell them about her when I can, but mostly I just grin and let…

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Saturday Evening Interview 4-23-16

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Life of an El Paso Woman

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a good weekend so far! I took a little break from Saturday Evening Interviews but…I’m back! Today I have an interview with Tikeetha Thomas from A Thomas Point of View. Tikeetha blogs about being a single parent, her life and so much more. You can check out her blog here. Please help me welcome Tikeetha here on Life of an El Paso Woman!

ME: I know you’ve been blogging for several years now. What’s kept you blogging for several years? Life. Or the fact that it is free therapy has kept me blogging for several years. I took about a 5 year hiatus where I occasionally blogged (once or twice a year) when I had time. I was a new mother and juggling work and my husband’s diagnosis. At the end of my marriage, I realized I was drowning. So many emotions were being played out…

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