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Hey Loves!

This was the post that Marcus wrote that caught my attention and made me reach out to him. In this messed up world of dating, it was refreshing to hear a grown man talk about his expectations. Women, we are not alone…there are men out there that want more than a friends with benefits situation.


~I’m tellin y’all RIGHT NOW…if I get into a new relationship, our first date will be a therapy session…we can use my insurance and a therapist in my network…but she has to cover the co-pay. Lol…No dark ass theaters watching some romantic comedy…that ain’t even funny…no dinners at Fogo or Mastros…no meet ups at a cigar lounge or bar…NOPE…we gon get to know each other…then, provided the session goes well, we can cap off the afternoon with a nice romantic stroll…TO THE BANK and see what we qualify for. Damn all of this pointless aimless dating…fake ass profile pics that DO NOT depict what you CURRENTLY look like, inbox and text messages and countless likes on pics…I’m trying to build…Your Mother will Love me…Your Father will respect me…Your Brother will give me his blessings(not that I need it)…your sister will tell you, “Don’t phuck this one up girl!…your best friend will hate…your ex will harm himself…your kid’s father will grow intimidated and become petty…and your sorority sisters will sneak try me…don’t worry about what I’m bringing to the table…I got the table and a place to put it in…#WhatAreYourIntentionsBoo

It’s good, right? Check out my 5 questions for Marcus tomorrow and his first post on Wednesday. I hope you engage with him.

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  1. Thank you for the feedback; greatly appreciated. Looking forward to writing more on a multitude of subjects. Be well and do something nice…for a stranger…it rejuvenates the spirit. Peace, love, and prosperity to all!

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