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Getting to Know You

If you didn’t get a chance to read the post that caught my attention on Facebook that Marcus wrote, I published it yesterday. Check it here: Right Now

I was interested in getting to know Marcus. Outside of the fact that I learned many people call him, Marc, I didn’t know much. I knew that he was a father, smoked cigars and was in a fraternity.  Very general and surface stuff. So, it was important to me to learn everything I could about him so that I could make sure that my readers could relate. I came up with 5 questions to ask and here are his responses. Please feel free to ask him more. 

1. Who are you?  I am Mr. Marcus A. Clark, lover of God, Fatherhood, Women, and Literature. I love to read and I enjoy writing. I love harmony but I am ready to end any conflict that may ensue. I am a Scorpio…very passionate about everything that I do. I love hard but my cut off game is legendary. I am also adopted and have thirteen brothers and sisters. I have met four of them through my travels of life. I am a member of the talented tenth but do not promote college or buy into the education is the gateway to financial freedom theory. I am the product of two attorneys and a retired ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. I am my own man…My Father is a Que and I am a Kappa….as well as a 32nd degree Master Mason, a Shriner, Eastern Star, and a Turtle. I love life and have a very strong work ethic. I graduated from THE DeMatha Catholic High School (Hyattsville, MD). I went to Morgan State (Baltimore, MD) for two years and graduated from Bowie State University (Bowie, MD) with a degree in English. I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Education (School Leadership). I want my words to be studied with no idea of an end result…learning never ends.

2. What is it that you love about Women? I love the femininity of a Woman. From the way she wakes up in the morning to the way she parts her hair when she gets upset. I love the way that a woman smiles and moves in a room. I am attracted to Mothers because that is the purest form of love. I love to watch women nurture their children; that is sexy to me. I also love the essence of a woman and the softness of their skin…I love a woman that smells good as well…I love women that love themselves. Be a Lady and embrace womanhood…I love that. I love heels…drives me wild…Heels…

3. What are you looking for in a potential partner? Fidelity and progression. I want her to be confident and excited about life…I want her to love children and me. I need a sense of humor and an effort to get to know me on a cognitive level. I want her to believe in a higher power and yes, she has to know how to cook. I want my partner to touch my face when she kisses me and we have to be able to develop a business together. I want her vision. My partner has to be confident in every field of human endeavor…and I will love and protect her…and defend her at all times..against and from anyone.

4. What do you think today’s man needs to know when it comes to dating? Sex should not be in any part of the conversation and the man should pay. All dates should be during the day time in well illuminated areas. Phone conversations will always supersede text messages. You should get to know her mind first…have something to talk about instead of the juvenile, “Wyd?”. Never do the group/hang out at a friend’s house thing when you first start dating.; that is extremely tacky. You need to actually court her and act as if she does not have a vagina. Get to know her and make her mind climax; the rest will follow and flow in due time.

5. What do you think the biggest challenge between men and women are? Lack of communication destroys the best relationships. I also believe that people are not upfront and honest for fear of judgement…which leads to problems in the future. It is really that simple, our biggest adversary in relationships is a lack of communication…on both parts.




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