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Oh Yeah by Marcus Clark

Oh yeah…she bad as shcyt…what makes her appeal to us or you or your friends? Is it the way that she walks, the size of her lips, her breasts, thighs, hips…what is it that we as men want? What is more important? Face makes her a dime and she has a bangin body…Oh yeah, she bad as schyt, right? Some men view this as not only obtainable…but the apogee of that women’s worth. As a 38 year -old Moorish American male, I find myself more drawn to the cognitive abilities of a Woman. I feel older and more mature and drawn to what comes out of the mouth of a woman over how she looks in jeans and heels. While I appreciate the way a woman walks into a room, I am more interested in her capabilities to develop a non-profit…if she happens to be curvaceous, well; that’s just a plus. In this brief text, I hope to at least open up the discussion of what qualifies a woman to be, “Bad as schyt.” I hear this term often when I’m with my frat or lodge brothers and even some male-co-workers. What do they see? I always wanted more…but not just for me…I wanted the women to want the men to want more from them. Sure; I get it…we have to be physically attracted to the person before we can make any progress because we see them before we hear them, right? We are unaware of their mental capacity, dreams, hopes, and aspirations when we see them for the first time. But wouldn’t it be a wonderful paradigm shift if we searched for cognitive attraction first? Are we as men capable of doing that? Have we been so programmed to only see what is before us and use that to determine taking the next step or to approach a woman? It was not until My Mother, a retired attorney and ordained elder in the United Methodist Church from Holly Hill, South Carolina explained to me what she did in order to keep the family together. At that moment, I looked at her differently. I sincerely believe that she changed my entire outlook on these so-called ‘Bad Chicks’ that I chased with one conversation. There is more to be desired but I never achieved that level with many women of my past simply because I thought to myself, “Oh yeah; she bad as schyt.” I wanted to be seen with this mirage of a woman and I wanted to be inside of her…could care less about her ability to care for a child. I believe that we can achieve attraction on a higher level. This may come off as a Utopian idea but think of the potential results. To know someone from the inside first would make every single act of intimacy that much better…in theory.

So what makes a woman a Bad Chick? If asked to write again, it is my goal to explore the feminine aspect of cognition while bringing the masculine perspective on a multitude of topics. Before I elucidate on my definition or understanding of what a Bad Chick is, I would like to know what other women consider to be a Bad Chick. I am sure that the answers will be different but I believe we will all find ourselves in one central location. I will say that a Bad Chick to me depicts effortless beauty and constantly seeks light…but who is she to you?


Mr. Marcus Alexander, A flawed sinner’s perspective on love, dating, sex, and relationships; wisdom through mistakes. Grow with me…The WRITE way. #TheWriteAway


  1. I really enjoyed this read. I’m really curious as to know what was the conversation between him and his mom I believe it was that changed his perspective on women. In my opinion a bad chick as it’s portrayed in the media or urban hip hop culture because that’s where I hear it used a lot is that’s her body is amazing she’s got nice breast small waist nice hair pretty face most importantly. However in my house hold if someone says a person is bad that means they are good and whatever skill they have or they are well accomplished and beauty plays now role in that judgment at all. For me being a young woman that term has made me wonder where I fit it or measure up


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