Looking for Superman

I was speaking with a friend last week and we were talking about women wanting a Superman. I told him that there is nothing wrong with that. I want a Superman too. What’s wrong with that?

I explained to him that every man has the potential to be Superman. He has Superman qualities that he is overlooking and in some cases, his partner may be overlooking. Still confused? Let me give you some examples of how a man is a Superman to me.

  1. If we’re married and you hate mowing the lawn and you decide that we should have landscapers, you find, hire and pay him out of the joint account and all I have to do is come home and see a beautifully manicured lawn. Superman move!
  2. If I need to buy a new car and you negotiate everything for me and all I have to do is show up and sign the paperwork for my car…that is a Superman move!
  3. If I buy furniture from Ikea and you know I don’t know how to assemble a darn thing and you come over with your drill and assemble everything… that is a Superman move!
  4. If you know that I need to get my car serviced and you wake up early and drive over to my house and exchange cars because you’ve made the service appointment and will be taking my car in…that is a Superman move!
  5. If we’re married and I come home from work and I’m exhausted and you are too and you cook dinner, wash the dishes, help my son with his homework and then rub my feet before I go to sleep…that is a Superman move!
  6. If you try to help me in some way shape or form better my life without expecting anything in return…that is a Superman move!

Being a Superman is not hard. My examples above illustrate some of the things that I want or hope to receive someday from a man. I want someone who knows that I will appreciate the small things because they matter to me. It’s not about a man rescuing me financially. It’s about being that one that I can depend on when there are just things I don’t want to do. You may be better at it than me. You may not, but the fact that you’re stepping up to the plate and trying to relieve the stress and pressure off of me means that you my friend are a Superman.



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