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Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

This is the last day of the quote challenge and I am sharing the quote below. I love this. Let me tell you that this has been my constant prayer for the last couple of months of the year. Between my dad having cancer, going home to spend time with him, being sick, having my car hit by the U-haul and then ending up in the emergency room last week it has been an interesting season.

I kept saying there is a lesson in the struggle. I am faithful. I will prevail. However, I realized that I was letting the stress affect me and neglected my health. Never again. Thankfully, I am a better but I tell you that when your body acts up you need to pay attention. It was my wake up call that allowed me to not stress and just ask for strength.



I nominate the following 3 blogs:

What Sandra Thinks

I’m Done Being The Fat Girl

Nekia Butler



  1. Wow! That´s a lot that has been going on. Glad to hear you´re doing better. You´re so strong.
    I love that quote.
    It´s true that one should listen to your body about the stress symptoms. I have to step back a little now, too. It has really been an interesting season (well said:-))
    To a great new year and a fresh start!

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