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Compatibility Tests

I was speaking to Mr. C about taking a compatibility test with my therapist. I told him since we know that we’d like to get married we should do pre-engagement counseling to see where the differences are and focus on seeing whether or not we would work. I asked “Do you want to take the test?” He responded, “If you want to, we can.”


Umm, it’s a yes or no question babe.

Well, I asked him what if we took the test and found out that we are not compatible and that the statistical probability that our marriage would last be something like 5% how would he feel? He said “I would still marry you.”


My heart melted. He is so darn sweet. I can’t believe it.


I asked him why he would still marry me if the test showed that there was a 95% chance that our marriage wouldn’t last? He said, “Didn’t you say that people put too much stock into standardized tests?” My famous last words.


 I love that confidence about me and our relationship that he has. He doesn’t let anything dissuade him. Whereas I would be terrified to go against the science, he sees it more of a suggestion that it won’t work based on our ability to test take.

We’re not looking for compatibility at every level. We’re quite different and it works. However, there has to be compatibility in faith, family and finances. I’m not worried about his love or his ability to lead us, but could I live with a low score indicating our lack of compatibility? I’ll let you know. 


  1. Seems to me that Mr C knows what he wants… YOU. Hey girl let go of the past already… I trust God for a great future for you both. Just trust your heavenly Father to lead. He knows how to plot the graph of our lives better than we do.

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