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Motivational Monday Moment– 4/10/2017

My Motivational Monday Moment is inspired by my momma. She told me to pray for protection. She and I were discussing some drama that I’m dealing with and she said that you have to remember to say your prayers of protection. Ask God to protect you from spiritual warfare.

What are the prayers of protection? They are Psalms 27, Psalms 37, Psalms 71 and Psalms 91. Ya’ll we are about to have church this Monday morning. This was right on time for me. I started reading the Psalms and it was my prayer to the Lord. I knew that I was on the path and that what I was going through was nothing new to Him.

The book of Psalms is a book of poetry. It speaks to were we are in different times in our lives and that God is still the same unchanging God. But, I needed to be reassured of that because I’m going through a storm. That’s what my momma reminded me of. God’s protection is promised in these prayers.

God knows all and hears all. I need Him. I need his protection. You ever heard that phrase “Can’t nobody do me like Jesus?” Well, I was having that moment because I knew where my help and strength come from. I was humbled and reminded as my pastor said so eloquently yesterday in church “to recognize better”. I was in better.

I loved being in better and even though it seems that people wanted to keep me in bitter, I knew better. I needed God to protect my heart and my spirit. I know that I am not alone this morning. We’ve all been there.

The thing about this faith is that it doesn’t mean that we won’t have trials or tribulations. We will. We will be put in the middle of storm and wonder “Why, o’ why has my God forsaken me?” But, you know what? He hasn’t.

He is still the same God. We just need to ask God to be our protection. He hears all and answers all. If you’re going through your own personal hell or you know someone that is, send them the Psalms. Pray over them. Let them know that God is and has always been our refuge.

Happy Monday Loves!

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  1. You know sis, I never think to pray for myself anymore. I spent my entire young life praying for myself (asking God to make my mama love me) and the answer was always no.
    I always prayed for my children and Loser but I don’t pray for them anymore either. I’m so pissed at Him right now. I can’t expect him to answer prayers when I’m so mad. Sigh.

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    1. He will answer sis. One of the things that I’ve learned is to lean on His word and understanding. Some things work in my favor and sometimes they don’t. I just trust that all things are working according to His will. What you need to understand about your mama is that maybe God didn’t have her so he couldn’t make her love you, but what he did give you was the ability to be a better mother than your mother was to you. You knew how to love your children in spite of your mama not knowing how to love you. He was in that. Even with Loser, I heard Tyler Perry say one time in his live show that “Some of ya’ll are still holding on to the people that God himself is trying to tear apart.” You were holding on to someone who was never who God wanted you to be with. Free will sis. It’s a blessing and a curse. You chose him and God allowed you to choose him but He was there with you through all the stuff you went through. He’s never forsaken you. He loves you and wants you to know that. The thing about our children is that all we can do is love and raise them and they have that same choice to make as we do when they become adults. Who will I serve? You can’t serve two masters. If your only desire is to serve yourself then you will be held accordingly. I always say that we can’t get to heaven on the friends and family plan. That if I loved you and did the best that I could then it is up to you to decide your future. You have free will.

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      1. Thanks so much, sis. I understand what you’re saying. I used to believe that way. I also believe you “reap what you sew.” I have often wondered if my son (Losers’ namesake and only male offspring) is an alcoholic because God is punishing Loser…and me, I guess.
        I just cannot understand how He could allow somebody do have such a miserable life….when they tried to be so good and had such abounding faith. I know I had free will but I wasted almost my entire life on somebody I thought had as much honor as I do. Now…he’s living a charmed life with his tramp and I’m picking up the pieces of our sons’ broken, alcoholic life.


  2. Hello there! I just wanted to let you know that I shut down my blog “Love with a Dark Heart in Chains.” As you may or may not have guessed I had a lot of drama going on and I just had to break free and start fresh. As one of my loyal readers I wanted to extend to you the link to my new blog, here it is: https://unchainedshadow.com/ God Bless and excellent post!

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