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Today’s Motivational Monday Moment is about acceptance. Recently, I’ve been asked why I seem so calm about things. I realized that I had changed my attitude and moved from complaining, fear and stressing about my situations and focusing on the acceptance of the choices that I have to make. It was hard. I wasn’t used to this.

But, with acceptance comes peace. You are allowing yourself the opportunity to just accept the way things are and trust that it will be the way it will be. I honestly have to tell you that this works well in my meditation and mindfulness practice. I am not struggling against what things will be. I am adjusting my attitude to accept that I will be okay.


It’s hard folks. It’s not easy to try and accept things they way they are, but trust me it is freeing.  Think about the failed relationships you’ve had with parents, friends, spouses and/or significant others. Have you tried to get over their wrongs that you felt were caused to you? Did you see value in forgiveness?



But, when they did something else to you it made you mad again right? You realized that they are the same way and they will never change. You get fed up. You get disgusted. You wonder why did you ever trust them again. You doubt you. But, stop it.

There is no need to doubt you. You need to stop expecting anything and just accept the way things are. The way they are. It’s freeing.

That’s where I’m at. You’ve probably known this for a while. But, if not and you’re just like me…let’s stand where we are and just accept.


We need to have faith that what will be will be. No need to worry about things or people that aren’t conforming. We have to change. We have to change our mindset and realize that we can’t control or change anyone. Just accept things and people where they are.


Acceptance isn’t a bad thing. It’s an understanding of the things that are surrounding you. Not accepting things and people for who they are means that you are expecting them to be some way. I now get what my best friend Nikki says “You need to stop expecting people to be anything.” I do.

I did.


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  1. This is a great message. I have forgiven everyone but struggled in the past year with my precious daughter cutting me (us) off. It is so very hard to accept her anger, hate and potential poisoning of other precious to me. I know deep inside that God wants me to encourage and be a light to others and that is what I try to do every day, but at night I feel the weight and wake often to pray.

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  2. “You need to stop expecting people to be anything.” – yes. Just yes. When you stop holding people to expectations not realistic for them, you start seeing the person for who they really are. And you don’t disappoint yourself! I feel like I do this with my friends. I don’t hold them all to the same standard. And it works. I never have problems with them!
    Nice message… xo

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    1. Thanks sis. I’m a work in progress and want to share the realities of my life with people. I’m by no means perfect so I’m trying to work on me so that I can try to work on this co-parenting relationship that is non-existent with my ex.

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