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Make Better Choices Girlfriend

It’s true. We’ve all been there. Dating men who were beneath us in terms of socio-economics, but should we really date a broke man? A man that is not able to provide for us?

I’ve been seeing a lot of questions on social media and in the various groups that I belong to asking whether or not our standards are too high. Maybe, but we are making poor choices when it comes to the men we are choosing to partner ourselves with and I need us to stop, drop and roll.

Do you know what I mean?


Stop dating and fathering children with men that don’t have. They don’t have a job so you see this as an opportunity to show him that you are down. Down for what sis? Poverty? Paying for all the dates? He’s broke. He shouldn’t be dating you much less dating anyone until he gets his life together. A real man doesn’t use a woman for a come up. Let me repeat that…A real man will never use you, date you and/or sleep with you trying to come up on your coat tails. If the man you are with is doing this then you need to stop dating him. He is not the man for you.


Drop all the excuses you tell yourself for supporting a broke man with no desire to work. Poverty isn’t in. It never was. If you’ve fathered children with a man that can’t take care of them, pick yourself up and move on Martha. If you’re doing it by yourself then you’re technically by yourself. Children require more than love. What about medical expenses, child care or basic school supplies? Broke men with no ambition and/or desire to provide should be dropped from your social calendar immediately. Run! Pack up your suitcases and leave that dog before you get fleas that you can’t get rid of.


Roll out on situations with men that are beneath who you are. You should never settle. You should never have expectations so high that even Jesus wouldn’t qualify to date you. You should find a happy medium. When your expectations are right and you are all about loving and living your happy life is when God will send a wonderful man into your life. A man that wants to build with you and not take from you. A man that will offer his everything and not just a broke piece of penis. Roll out of situations that require you to change who you are. You are not required to support people you didn’t birth. Especially grown men that don’t want to help you. Roll out and roll on from the struggle life. Again, poverty isn’t in and it ain’t cute.

Do you find yourself lowering your standards when dating? What about in relationships? Would you date a man or woman with no job? Talk to me.


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  1. Real talk! I love it when folks keep it 100 on here. I’m married, so dating isn’t an option for me. 😀 I would not, however, date a broke man with no ambition. It’s not a good look, and it’s not a good feeling. Great post, Sis. ❤

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  2. I needed to hear this today…My heart has been troubled by a foolish man-child and your words hit home…..I must be the change I seek!! Please keep the good advice coming our way…..Thanks.

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    1. Aww, you are so welcome. Yes, we must definitely change ourselves. We are not required to fix the broken. Real men don’t date broke. That’s a fact and a lesson I learned from many men.

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  3. Move on Martha! Haha. You are too funny. Love this. I had trouble dating up after my divorce. It’s hard when you’ve grown up in poverty to date men who are different from ?? what feels familiar. Even though I got an education and have a career I didn’t believe I would be good enough for a middle class man. So I did a ton of codependent recovery work and ended up dating a guy with a fancy job for two years. Our values ended up being really different. Long story. I eventually found my way but I think I understand why it can be hard to date a healthier man than what we may have grown up around. What do you think?

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    1. Agree, but women shouldn’t have to fix a man. In many cases we are broken ourselves and a man is not a project. A man should have a job before dating you and that’s that. The older you get the wiser you should be, but we sell ourselves short by fixing up those who damage us worse. We can’t let broke men be a factor. Let him get his life together and date you. He isn’t your husband.

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    2. This is such a good point! We do tend to date what we have seen growing up and think that’s the norm. I had to do a bunch of co dependency work myself before i began to see things differently.

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      1. Good Point. I also have co dependency tendencies myself. I have told my drunken bf eff off and I am actually very relieved. Onward to bigger and better things! Great subject!!

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  4. I have before out of loneliness. Thank God it ended!

    I have found men that try to talk me out of my standards but i realized it’s only bc they knew they couldn’t have me. And didn’t want to rise to the occasion, first sign of laziness. No tolerance for that in a relationship!

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  5. Ladies..There is another wonderful blog called Miss T.N. King and she also tells it like it is…I have reread her posts a million times and they always help! ❤ Sharing the love!

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