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Motivational Monday Moment – 05.06.19

Happy Monday loves!

Sorry for the delay. I’ve literally been fighting a swarm of ants in my office all morning. I thought I was going to die. My anxiety is off the charts today from this infestation. Ugh!

It really looked like this:


I got rid of everything and was ready to throw documents away and set fire to my work space to kill all these creatures. I was going to be like Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale and slow walk out this dang place. Ya’ll know I can’t take this. Everything must burn!

giphy (3)

But, I’m still here watching the clock tick slowly like the hands of death swearing that something is crawling on me. It’s not but…I’m still freaked out. However, in all of this gangsta swarm of ants and anxiety I wanted to motivate you today. I decided to motivate you about healing after heartbreak and knowing that you will love again. Trust me.


Ya’ll know that I’m doing this on-line dating thing again and there are more questionable folks than righteous ones but I believe that I’ll meet a great guy that just gets me. It’s a few that I’m talking to know and we’ll see how they pan out. Men don’t make the cut when they start acting up. I’m cancelling your time in my consciousness with a quickness.

giphy (4)

But, I couldn’t get here if I hadn’t done the work on me. Took the time to heal after my break up and just focus on being a better version of myself during this time. Acknowledging the pain and disappointment but realizing that I’m worth the love and affection of another. That’s what life is about. Realizing where you are and making sure that you’re putting in the work to be healed and amazing.


Piece of advice…don’t be out here dating knowing that you haven’t healed from your last relationship or mentally with anything that you’re going through. You’re wasting people’s time. Time is too valuable for you to playing games. Get the help you need to be healthy.


If you’re not ready to date because you’re still going through it, I get it. I was like that last year. I wasn’t ready. I think subconsciously I was hoping that we’d get back together because we realized that the love was so great that nothing would keep us apart. But, that’s not reality. Love is not easy. I’m not easy. But, I’m worth it and I think I accepted that he didn’t think I was worth fighting for.


It’s okay. It was part of my journey. It was part of the book of my life. The chapters got me to this point where I couldn’t stay rooted in pain. I had to move past that and be willing to open my heart again. To love again. To try again.  Love is real. I want you to move past your heartache and know that you can find love again. So, my Monday Motivation is to tell you to never give up. To keep pushing forward. To know that you are only in a temporary place and that love is out there. I believe in you.


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