5 Turnoffs in On-Line Dating Profiles

Me and my girlfriend were conversing a few weeks ago about how frustrating it is weeding out men in on-line dating. We were talking about how inevitably no matter how decent a man sounds on-line, once we start conversing and meeting then we find out that he was a major disappointment. Not at all like his profile. In fact, in many cases he may have even lied.

Now, before you say that everyone lies in their on-line profiles, I would say that it is not an accurate statement. I am honest and many women I know are honest. I’ve actually met some guys whose profiles were extremely honest and we just didn’t hit it off. But, the point is not everyone lies, but there are some major turnoffs that we hate.

5 Turn-Offs in an On-line Dating Profile

  1. No picture is at the top of the list. I specifically say don’t contact me without a picture and men still do. I don’t contact or respond back. Why? Because either you are truly unattractive, married or hiding from the feds and either way it goes I don’t want to get involved with a one-eyed snaggled tooth monster who thinks he looks like Idris Elba. Sigh.
  2. No bio listed. Are you really that awesome you think that we don’t want to know about you while skimming over your profile with our morning coffee? Why should I have to contact you to find out that you dislike kids and oh, I have one? Shouldn’t you write that in your profile? How about the fact that you just got out of jail and you’re on house arrest so our dates need to occur prior to 8 pm daily? I think you should mention it in your profile.
  3. Pictures that show you with your boys or another woman. Why would we want to look at you after seeing your hot friend? He’s so much better looking and he actually smiles. Don’t include pictures of your friends especially when you can’t be sure that they look better than you. Also, stop including pictures of another woman and then contacting me. Why? I don’t know for sure that is your college aged daughter. Is she vouching that you are not a weirdo by standing next to you? You could still be an undercover pedophile so posing with your daughter is not cute.
  4. Misspellings. Yep this is a pet peeve. I’ve said before that I’m understandable at the occasional misspelling, but if you can’t take the time to read your dang profile and proofread, why would I be interested in you. Women hate to proofread and wonder did you really obtain your undergraduate degree because you can’t write a complete sentence. You sound like you’re slower than a first grader.
  5. Lies. So, obviously this goes without saying, but apparently I need to educate men that a lie is a lie is a lie. A half truth is still a lie. A lie of omission is still a lie. You get the point right? Lies. I met a gentleman who I had conversed with for about a month. We started having phone conversations and then he asked me one day, “So, where did you graduate from?” I told him. I asked him the same question. His reply, “I didn’t. I’m working on my GED and I should have it in 6 months.” WTH? Pause. Stop sign. I went back to his profile and re-read what he wrote: Master’s Degree. Are you serious? You don’t even have a GED how the heck are you going to blatantly lie and say you have a Master’s Degree. You would have been better off saying a high school diploma. NEXT!

As you can imagine this dating thing is kind of a crap shoot and you never know what you’re going to end up getting. It’s like buying a used car. Apparently you have to ride in some crappers before finally getting to ride in a luxury vehicle you can afford. It’s a process. I get it. But, I need all the men to hear me clearly:



Until next time!


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