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Does it Matter?

That’s the question that I’m always asking when people tell me things that I don’t want to hear. Let me give you an example….

There is this particular gentleman that supposedly digs me and such. I dig him too. He’s handsome, smart, funny and very charming. We’ve gone back and forth with hanging out for almost a year and in his words…I keep breaking up with him.

I don’t really keep breaking up with him. I keep breaking off from his spidery tentacles that try to keep me entangled into a web of no-good. The web of being “random instead of specific”. I mean you can’t really break-up from someone who you’re not technically in a relationship with can you?



I didn’t think so. I’m random. Not specific. Not willing to compromise what I believe in for him. However, it is interesting to note that he actually called me to wish me a happy mother’s day. He sent a text too, but I was telling a girlfriend that he had called when I was out-of-town and she said, “You know that he cares about you right? You know that he values things that are important to you. He’s just a dummy for not wanting to commit to you.” I laughed and replied “Umm, okay. I think he cares about me, but does it matter?”

I explained that I know he cares about me and I care about him, but does it matter in the grand scheme of things? When two people want different things does it matter that they care about you? I care about the ozone layer, but it will never be a priority. You get my drift?

I think women spend too much time worrying about who cares about them and who doesn’t. I gave this man too much of my time by allowing myself to be spun on his web. I wanted to believe that if he would just stop and look he would see that I am absolutely worth it. But, I realized that it doesn’t matter.

Heteropoda venatoria Huntsman spider


Because the man who is supposed to be with me won’t need to be convinced. He will actually know it, step up to the plate and walk away with the trophy (my heart) and tell everyone that he’s won. I’m not chasing a fly ball!

Be blessed loves!


  1. I think it matters that he cares about you. But, I think if you wanted to be with this guy, you would’ve made a choice to invest in the relationship by now.


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