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Would You?

Be able to recognize your own issues if you were looking in a mirror?

Many of us wouldn’t. I know for a long time that I was not willing to accept my own issues. Why? Because I’m perfect.


I’m absolutely perfect!

Until I looked in the mirror one day and realized that I wasn’t. That I was making plenty of mistakes and not owning them. The mistakes I made were in my personal life. Not my professional life. I wasn’t owning the BS that I was doing.

I was trying to act as though I had no issues and the men I dated were all just jacked up imbeciles. Believe me, most probably were. But, what did that say about me? The laws of attraction. Was I attracting losers only?

I swore I walked around some days with “All Losers Apply Here” stamped on my forehead. I would get sucked into their lies and believe them as truth. I was even trying to validate that same BS that they were spewing as fact to my friends.

Say what now?

Yep, I was repeating past behaviors. I was ignoring my issues and trying to overlook someone else’s bull. I was settling.

It’s not easy to change behaviors that have been ingrained in your mind. You have to know that it takes time. No overnight spell. No overnight fix. You will get tested.

You will mistrust. You will stumble and fall into old patterns because  it’s safe. But, you need to recognize that you are doing that. You need to fall back and re-evaluate your life and decide are you being true to you?

Life is about living, learning and loving. We make mistakes. Some are good. Some are bad. But, never accept that you can’t overcome your bad decisions. It’s your choice love.

Choose you.



  1. I’ve begun to turn a corner in fixing myself. There are days I struggle beyond belief, frustrated and feel like it’s not going to get better. As my psychologist reminds me, as I search for better opportunities, know this predicament is temporary.

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