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Motivational Monday Moment – 8/22/2016

Happy Monday Folks!

It’s the day before school starts here in Maryland for my Munch and I want to dedicate this Motivational Monday Moment to all returning students. Here’s motivating you for another successful school year. You have the opportunity to start a new. Whatever happened last school year is not for you to worry about. Focus on the new day and new year ahead.

The first thing that I want you to do:


It all starts with you. There is no greater thing to do than to believe in you. Your parents believe in you. I believe in you. Now, believe in yourself!


Don’t lose your imagination! Don’t get so bombarded or distracted with social media that you lose your creativity and imagination. If you don’t imagine it, how will you create it?


Along with believing in yourself and having an imagination you need courage. You need courage to know that this year will be your best year. You can accomplish any and everything you want if you are not afraid to lose sight of your comfort zone (i.e. the shore). Be courageous love!


So, now that you have courage you need to do one thing every day that scares you. You’re getting out of that comfort zone and expanding your horizon. You are able to do things because you know that there is no failure in trying. Try to do one thing every day that scares you. Whether it be as big as taking a class that you didn’t think you could pass or saying hi to the boy or girl you’ve liked for the last year. Do one thing every day that scares you.


Don’t believe that perfection isn’t attainable because you can catch excellence. Excellence is great! It means that you’ve excelled at something. Whether it being in sports, music, art or theater. Chase perfection love!


You’re almost there so you know what you need to do…surround yourself with those who make you happy. You can’t have true happiness if you’re surrounded by naysayers. Get those folks out of your circle this year. No more negativity. No more fear. No more playing small for those folks around you to feel big!


You may need to take this part of the journey alone. You may need to walk the road you’re on because it is your dream. Your vision. You need to go confidently in that direction. Others may not come because it is not their time or their dream. It’s okay. It’s about you.


Finally love, I want you to break the rules. The rules that are designed to keep you from reaching your greatest potential. Let me be clear, not the rules designed to keep you safe. Break the rules that say you can’t do something because you’re not the right gender or the right size or the right race. Break the stereotypes. Break the molds! Break it all and dance over the glass shattered because you are phenomenal!

Have a happy and successful year at school!


  1. Yes! Yes!!

    And yay for Munch! Go get it this year, young sir! We’re cheering for you up here in Massachusetts! It’s gonna be a fantastic year!

    (And we are always cheering for you too, Mama! Go get it! Go seize it all!)

    Liked by 1 person

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