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Day 4: My Man

Yes, Lord, you know that I couldn’t do my #23DaysofThankfulness without acknowledging the wonderful man that God has given me. He’s an awesome man that makes me laugh. He encourages my spirit and encourages my dreams.

He’s been there through my court drama and the circus that is my life, my parenting concerns, my issues with my dad, my published works and submissions and even through my current book writing process. He’s still consistent and true two years later. He’s reliable and good. He’s just a great human being who was raised right. I am thankful each day to his parents for that.

I had dinner with a friend last month and he asked me how we were doing. I said “Great! I’m so blessed to have this awesome man in my life.” He asked “What makes him so awesome?” I responded “Because he loves me where I am. He allows me to be comfortable knowing that I don’t need to change, but just wake up every day.” Do you know how amazing that is?

I have gone through hell and back this year and this man has been there every step of the way just loving and listening without judgement. Do you know how thankful that I am for that love? I never would have imagined that God would send such a man to be by my side just holding me and whispering words of prayer and peace in my ear.

We celebrated two years of dating this year. It’s been good. He and I are just loving this space we’re in and thankful for all God’s grace and mercy. There is only love and respect and I truly am excited for the future with this amazing man.


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  1. I’m happy for you. We women want to take care of our family and do things on our own so we will feel good about ourselves. A good man comes along and all he wants is for you to breathe and let him do the rest. It’s so wonderful to have someone who loves you that way. I tell my husband I appreciate you wanting to take care of me but please with all due respect let me do me let me grow as a woman. And keep doing what you do that made me fall for you. All a man wants to know is that you will never leave him. That’s why it takes me in so long to propose to the woman they love they’re scared of being left. They think you’re going to wake up one day and say I can’t stand the way he do this in the way he do that. They’re scared that their love will leave them because their feet stink or they leave skid marks in here shorts or they snore. they’re so funny. Thank God my husband hygiene is perfect I can lay him on white sheets . In the 20 years that we have been married he came to bed sweaty once. I got up I filled my wash Bowl with soap and hot water put it beside the bed and I washed him tenderly. I know he had to be really tired to come to bed that way. My husband was exhausted that night he just wanted to come home to me. True love is unconditional love.

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