Run Your Race

My brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of any kind, consider it nothing but joy, because you know that the testing of your faith produces endurance;

James 1:2-3 NRSV

Today’s post is a short one. I was really going through some things this weekend. Some good and some bad, but I was really wondering, “Why me?” I’m a good person. I’m nice. I’m courteous. I’m dependable. Why do I keep getting in these situations with folks that should know better but refuse to do better. Why do I keep getting frustrated by foolishness and distracted by dishonesty? You know, I was in a “Woe is me” type of mood.

So, this quote today from my daily devotionals was right on time. Why? Because I needed to be reminded that even when it seems like my back is against the wall that I will persevere and endure. Everyone is going through something right now. No one is immune to trials or tribulations. We all have that in common.

My ex and I had an acrimonious dispute this weekend that affected our ability to co-parent effectively. I endure things on my job or in my personal life, but I keep on keeping on. Pushing forward. Why? Because I have faith that I will see this situation through to the end and I will be victorious. My faith is being tested.

If you’re going through a trial, tribulation or a storm know that it is only temporary. You are destined for greatness and your steps have been ordered. I was reminded of that this weekend when I was talking to a friend of mine. He said that if you are a woman of faith, you know that your life has already been scripted. You are just walking through it trying to determine the path where God wants you to be.

Wow! Yep. It’s already written. So, I’m going to get my mind right and my tennis shoes on because I want to walk the path that HE tells me too. It’s not an easy path, but I know that the race I run is a marathon and not a sprint. I will endure. I will keep a positive attitude and I will share my motivational moments and testimonies to keep inspiring you to do the same.

Be blessed my loves!


Raising my Boy

As a mom to a two year old toddler, I always seem to find myself complaining to my girlfriends about how rough and tough my son is. Brennan is always running, jumping and throwing things. He runs when he gets outside as though we have “freed” him from the plantation of parenthood. He jumps off the bed, the chair, the stairs and anything that he can think of. He is a major league pitcher in training. It’s funny how he hated T-ball practice and sat on the sidelines the entire hour during practice, but when it comes to throwing a tantrum or toys at the dog, he has perfect aim.

I always wanted a son. I wanted a son from the minute I got pregnant. I knew he was boy when he was just a teeny embryo in my womb. I told my husband, “Look at our son. Isn’t he magnificent?” He told me I was crazy. He believed we were having a girl. I knew it was a boy so I talked to him all the time like he was a boy. I would rub my stomach and tell him that he has to watch himself, because girls today have changed. There are too many “fast girls” out there. We read Us Magazine together. Well, I would read it out load to him and he would listen intently in my stomach of course.

Never did I imagine that my son would be born with no fear of jumping head first into any situation. I watch him, trying to understand what he is thinking when he piles the pillows and toys on top of the dining room chair and proceeds to jump off like Superman. Does he really think he can fly? What’s he doing? Why is he doing that? That’s just how boys are is what all my friends say. I do know that I’m not alone and that other parents have said boys are handful in the beginning, but they calm down as they get older. Girls are calm in the beginning but a handful when they become older. I don’t regret my boy. I know that Brennan will jump without fear because he knows that he will always be safe. We will always pick him up, wipe his tears and clean his wounds, just so he can jump head first into something else.