Motivational Monday Moment – 12/19/16

My Motivational Monday Moment is inspired by my girlfriend Tya. She and I had dinner a couple of weeks ago and she said something so profound to me. I was telling her what was going on and how some people hate me for the things that I receive. That God has been moving people in and out of my life over the last few years and I’m struggling with the loss.


People assume they know what’s going on in my life when they have no idea. She smiled and said you have favor. I said “I know sis and I’m thankful of it, but how can you hate on someone who has favor.” She laughed and said, “Favor is not Fair”.


There it was.

Favor is not fair.

Psalm 5:12 (NKJV)

For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; With favor You will surround him as with a shield.

I felt as though man was persecuting me because God has favor on me and my life. Was it fair? Nope. But, as Tya said, “Man thinks in terms of fairness and equitable treatment, but God is divine.”. Woohoo!

My girl was dropping knowledge. She was sharing what I needed to hear. Many times I question God about his favor. Are you sure God? Me? Thank you God, but am I ready? Do you think I can do it?


When my ex-husband called me in April to tell me that he was getting laid off? I asked him “Are you okay?” He replied “Yes.”. I told him that God will redirect our path by closing doors and opening new ones for us. I told him to trust in God. He thanked me and we got off the phone.

I immediately begin to pray and I asked God “What am I going to do? I have a birthday party that I planned and paid for. I’m moving and now I have to financially support my son by myself. God, how am I going to make it?”

God immediately spoke to me and said “Haven’t I always provided for you?” I immediately felt at peace. He had. He has never forsaken me. Even when I felt alone, God was always walking with me and waiting for me to call His name. He never missed a beat.


I thought I was alone, but I wasn’t. My ex continued to pay his share of childcare and Munch’s life continued uninterrupted. God then allowed me to get an interview for the current job that I have now. He allowed me to move into a different role making more money and more responsibilities than ever.

My response was simple….Thank you God!

Favor isn’t fair and God has favor over my life. I can’t explain it and you know what? I don’t have to. I’m thankful for it and I’m using my voice to share the stories of my survival. I’m also a testament to God’s grace and mercy in my life.

You may think that your life sucks or you can’t imagine getting a better job or situation than you have now, but get over it. You can. You have to know that you are worthy. Worthy of more than you currently have.

You are bigger than any situation or problem you find yourself into. You may think that God has abandoned you, but He hasn’t. Sometimes He’s blocking things you can’t even see. Just know that you can always count on Him.



Do You Have Vision?

“Most men if they are absent of having a good woman in their life only have good ideas. In the company of a godly woman ideas become a dream.” – Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant


Yesterday, my local radio station had the topic of the day which was what makes someone “Marriage Material.” There were a lot of male callers that were saying that a woman needed to have:

  • class
  • belief in God
  • a good job
  • self-respect
  • purpose

If that was all, then why are more men and women not married? Why is it that men have a list of what makes a woman marriage material, but no desire to get married? Isn’t that the real question? However, men need to realize that your dreams can’t be realized without a good woman on your side.

History shows us that some of the most powerful men had strong women who dreamed for their mates. I’m sure that these women encouraged, prayed and helped nurture their man’s ideas into visions.

President Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor


Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta


President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie O'.
President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie O’.


President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle


I’ve never really thought of myself as a visionary. I just dream, believe, pray and commit. That’s all I do. Many things work according to God’s plan (favor), but I learned early in life that I have to thank God for the good and the bad. For what I have and for what I don’t.

I had a man to tell me years ago that I have a gift of making a man believe that he is superman. He said, “You get to encouraging a man and he feels as though he can’t fail. That is your charm and I have to be careful that I don’t fall victim to it.” I was hurt. Was I being malicious? No, I don’t think so. I just encouraged a man’s dreams. Was that wrong?

Nope. It was my gift. A woman’s gift and responsibility. To encourage a man to believe in his dreams and to follow them. I did it in my relationships and I did it in my marriage. But, I wasn’t consistent. I wasn’t praying over my partner with purpose. I was just praying in general for his health and well-being.

Then I heard that sermon that Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant preached and I knew that it wasn’t charm that was deceiving to men. It was that I was a woman with vision and trying to encourage my man to pursue his dreams and watch them manifest. Did it always work? No.

However, that didn’t stop me from believing that it was my job to pray over my partner. To encourage his spirit. But, I realized that a lot of women don’t do that. We don’t really pray for our mates and men don’t really pray for us. Why not? Aren’t you supposed to pray over your loved ones? I pray over my son at least two times a day, but I wasn’t praying over my partner.

As I’ve gained wisdom in my 40th year I realized that I need to pray more. That I need to have the courage of my conviction and pray for my partner. Pray over him openly and pray with him consistently.

I spoke earlier this year about visualizing love and I want to add that I vow to do the following with my partner:

  • Pray with him daily
  • Pray over his life and encourage his dreams
  • Help him to visualize that if he’s following God’s plan that favor will follow

My next relationship has to be one where we both follow God. Where he is without a shadow of a doubt a believer and living in God’s purpose. Where I can truly be his help mate and rib because he is following God and leading the family. We will pray together and we will continually work on maintaining a healthy relationship. He will recognize that I have vision and I will help his dreams become reality.