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When Your BFF Needs Love

Hey loves,

So, my BFF was feeling blue this weekend and I decided to stop by one of my favorite donut shops “The Fractured Prune” and get her some sugary love. I sent her the menu and told her to select her goodness because I was bringing it over after I picked up Munch from camp.

Look at this goodness:

It made her happy which is what I wanted.

Sometimes making someone else smile is the best thing you can do.


    1. Too much sugar for a diabetic, but they are. I had one and gave the rest away. I hadn’t eaten one in about 5 years. The store closed and I had to go to one farther out. Definitely a treat.

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  1. Thank you for the doughnuts. As much as I should be focusing on my weight loss, they really hit that sweet tooth I can seem to rid myself of. I ate every one of them. And they were delicious…..warm and at room temp 2 days later.
    And…yes she is an awesome BFF. 💋❤

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