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We agreed to disagree.

That’s what it was.

A continuous back and forth

An exchange of ideas, theories or beliefs.

Some we could agree on and others we couldn’t.

So, we agreed to disagree.

It was beautiful.

We existed in this state of bliss.

Two minds united in a desire to be selfless

To be aware of each other’s needs

To not argue

To not curse

To not fight


There were only a few things to disagree on

Some stemmed from my insecurity

My fear

of a man being unfaithful

He would assure me that he wouldn’t cheat

Our love was special

It was the blood pumping through his heart

It gave him life

I gave in

I sighed

His love

His love was comforting

Like the rays of the sun beating on my skin

I trusted it to tan me

To not burn me

But, he did

He burned me

He let her walk into our lives

She sashayed her hips promising him good times

He drunk of her perfume

And nibbled at her core

He was unfaithful

His bond was coursing through her womb

He loved me he said

I will always disagree

He doesn’t know love

He knows lies

He knows her

He doesn’t know me



This post was inspired by the Daily Post. The word today was disagree.



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