Screaming…I’m Beautiful

I read this incredible post that talked about definitions of beauty. The article entitled “50 Reasons You Are Beautiful” was just what I needed because I was having one of those days were I felt I wasn’t beautiful. You know those days where your hair sucks, you have a breakout and you just can’t seem to get your make-up right? Well, it was driving me nuts!

I hated going to work not feeling or seeming “put together”. So, I sat there fuming and really just getting down on myself. I was having a serious problem with my own self and started feeling ugly. In my meditation moment I reflected on how wonderfully made I am and started to feel a little better, but dang, this fly away piece of hair was annoying the heck out of me.

Enter God. God talks to me in a KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) manner and I love it. He allowed me to read this posting and realize that I am beautiful. Just the way I am. Not based on my looks, but because he created me. I am screaming…I’m Beautiful and let me tell you why.

I Have an Attitude of Gratitude

I am thankful for all the blessings and disappointments that I suffer. I believe in taking the good and bad of life and knowing that I am blessed regardless. No one thing is because I am super smart, super beautiful or super successful. It’s because I have a super attitude of gratitude about who I serve. Gratitude is beautiful.

I Am a Boring Nerd

Yep, I said it. I am a boring nerd. I’ve always tried to shy away from this because I didn’t want folks to know so I would jump up at any chance to go out to a party or to the club instead of just being me. I love to sit at home reading a good book. There are many days that I don’t even turn on my television. I just appreciate the silence and focus on growing and expanding my mind. I love politics and any and all legislation that affects my job, life, or people. But guess what? Being a boring nerd is beautiful.

I Can’t Dance

Nope. I can’t. I can move with a beat, but I’m not as smooth and sophisticated as some other women you may know. I’m not that gracious on a dance floor, but that’s okay. I like to be held. I dance to my own beat and you know what? Not knowing how to dance is beautiful.

My Nose is Weird

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my nose. More hate than love, but you get the picture right? It’s a nose that doesn’t fit in anywhere in my family. It’s awkward and long and kinda round, but it doesn’t seem to go with my face. It just is there. I’m always nosing around trying to find glasses that fit my face or better yet, my nose. But you know what? Weird noses are beautiful.

I Can’t Walk in Heels

I never truly learned to walk and balance in heels so anything beyond 3 inches is asking for trouble. Unless the shoes have thick heels, are platforms, wedges or anything that stabilizes my clumsiness, I can’t do it. I’ve had to make due with cute flats that allow me to maneuver through the day, but I always hated the fact that I wasn’t coordinated enough to master walking in heels. But, you know what? Walking in flats is beautiful.

My Waist Size is in Double Digits

I posted before about how I’m learning to embrace my femininity and accept my double digit figure each day. It’s been a growing experience and I realized that no matter how much I work out, how healthy I eat and how much I want to be small (without surgery of course), I may never get there. Instead of punishing myself for my flabby tummy or the rolls on my side I just smile and blow kisses. I may never get to be a perfect size 8 and you know what? That’s okay. Why? Because the round me is just as beautiful.

There are many more things that make up the whole of me that point to my beauty both inside and out. I’m thankful for all the things I’ve experienced and I love me.  I’m going to print out this list and tape it to my mirror to remind myself of these things every day and know that I’m beautiful, simply because I’m me. And you know what? So are you.


Being Thankful

So, our beautiful baby boy has finally graduated from day care.  He’s going to be entering kindergarten in the fall and I can’t wait.  Mainly because we have prepared him the best we can and we’re now starting a new chapter in our lives.  We have moved from the toddler stage to little boy stage.  This has been an amazing journey and I couldn’t be more proud of my son and frankly us.  We did it! We didn’t damage him or make him afraid of his own shadow.  We didn’t drop him or lose him and he loves the heck out of us! Can I get an “Amen”? 

Having only one child has really shaped my views about what it is to parent and more importantly…parent a little black boy.  I juggle every day the task of making sure that I’m constantly reinforcing his self-esteem and sharing teachable moments with him.  Yes, I know you’re probably saying he’s only 5, but I want him to know that each and every day we wake up we need to thank God and be appreciative of everything.  I asked him the other day, “Brennan, what are you thankful to God for?”  He responded, “The lightning bugs because I like to play with them.” Wow! What a great answer! My heart was bursting with the feeling of “He’s listening to me.”

So, in the interest of being thankful, we have another milestone that has been achieved… Brennan graduated from his daycare’s pre-k program on June 6, 2013.  There was much back and forth between Lee and I about the importance of the day because I thought it was the best thing ever! Lee on the other hand said, “He’s not really graduating.  He’s aging out of the program.” I told him that he’s not aging out of the program he’s going to kindergarten.  I told him that graduation is the act of graduating.  Moving from one level to the next.  We are celebrating that much anticipated milestone.  However, he didn’t think that was true and it kind of reminded me of that scene in the movie, “The Incredibles” where Helen was talking to her husband about her son’s graduation ceremony:

Helen tells her husband Bob that he cannot miss their son  Dash’s graduation. 

Bob Parr: It’s not a graduation. He’s moving from the 4th grade to the 5th grade.

Helen Parr: It’s a ceremony.

Bob Parr: It’s psychotic! They keep creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity.

At the time, the movie came out I was laughing hysterically because I believed it to be true.  Fast forward 9 years later and I’m a mother and I have changed my mind about people creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity.  Shouldn’t we just be thankful and celebrate everything we can?  I say yes.  I want to celebrate  and give thanks for everything Brennan does with lots of love and cheering from the sidelines.  It’s a big deal for me to have Brennan grow up and know that he is loved and that I always want to celebrate the mediocrity.  That being said, I want to say congratulations to my son on completing his pre-k program and embarking on a new chapter of his educational journey (elementary school).

Check out some of the photos for the class of 2026!