Love and Candy

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. The rush for big teddy bears, boxes of chocolate and roses has been going on all this week. Delivery men rushing to deliver the flowers and gifts to people at work so they can smile and feel that their significant other is a romantic. The gush of the gift from the ladies in the lunch room as they swoon about how lucky they are to have a man like (insert name). All of the things that men hate and of course women with no man hate too.

I will spend tomorrow giving my son a card, cake, candy (he likes Skittles) and balloons. Explaining to him that I love him just the way he is and every day he has my heart. Not just today, but even when he’s manipulating his teacher, rough housing with other kids or reminding me about something he did when he was three years old. I still love him. Always.

Relationships are fluid. Love is constant. Enjoy each other. Appreciate each other. It is not the cost of the meal or the cost of the gift, but the true heart of the giver. My wish for everyone is simply to love. Love until you can love no more and then love again.



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