Dating Chronicles: Pressed defines pressed as a verb “to compel haste”. 

Yep, that is accurate. Pressed people can be annoying. What kind of things do pressed people do? Call you all the time. For no reason. It wasn’t like they wanted anything. Just wanted to call and see what you were doing. “Same thing I was doing 30 minutes ago when you called”. Is that pressed? Yep, pressed.

Pressed people also show up when you do on-line dating. Nothing is worse than going through the process of getting to know someone and they are trying to rush you. Rush you for your number. Rush you for a picture. Why? I don’t know you well enough to send you my photo. We’ve texted each other for like 20 minutes. Are they pressed? Yes.

This is my plea to all those pressed people. Stop it! Take your time in getting to know someone. Be honest and transparent. Don’t rush the process, but don’t go too slow because you might miss the train. It’s a fine line from showing interest to being pressed. How fine? One email, tweet or phone call away from being labeled a “stalker” and having your number blocked.

Take care loves!


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