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The Introduction

This is the 110th year anniversary of my church. We had a homecoming celebration the weekend of July 8th through July 10th where we had a praise celebration through song and dance, our church picnic and of course church on Sunday.

It was an awesome filled weekend of activities and after the week America had, there was no other place I wanted to be than with other folks praising and worshipping Jesus. I needed a spiritual rejuvenation and a renewing of my mind. I had to get my focus back after the violence we saw. So, I headed to the Lord’s house to fellowship.

I invited one of my besties back to the church because she was a former member that I wanted to invite home.  I invited a couple of other people, my girlfriend Christine and her family were invited to the church picnic and Mr. C was invited to church on Friday night for the praise session.

This was the first time that I had ever invited a man to see the place where I worshipped. To visit my church. To be a part of something so profound in my life. I paused for a second wondering if I was ready.

Truth is…I was. This is the best way to get to know me. Knowing what is important to me. My faith is important to me so I wanted to share that with him. It was also the first time that he would meet Munch.

I wasn’t worried. Munch wanted to meet him. Munch sees his name on the car dash as we converse back and forth in the mornings and on the way home in the evenings. He asked to meet him a couple of month’s ago. I asked him why. His response was “I know all your friends.”

He’s right. He does. I don’t have any friendships that I call meaningful and they haven’t met my son. My son is an integral part of who I am and all that I value. So, I asked Mr. C if he wanted to come to church. He asked “Won’t your son be there?” “Yes” I replied. He came.

My bestie and god son sat next to each other and Mr. C came later and sat in the back. He came over after church service and I introduced him to my Munch. I said “Munch, this is Mr. C. You said you wanted to meet him.” He smiled and shook his hand and said “Hi”. It was cool.

Munch was cool with it. Munch mentioned that he wanted to meet him because I’m always talking about him. He said, “Mommy always tells you the bad stuff I do.” Mr. C laughed. I replied, “Nope, I tell him the good and the bad. He gives me encouragement and clarity on how to deal with your moods love. He has a son. He’s been through this before.” Munch said, “But, I don’t want you to tell him the bad stuff.” I laughed.

It was over. No worries about him meeting someone. He had met someone in the most special place…church. He wasn’t concerned that mommy had a new friend. He was more concerned that I shared the “bad things” he did. My child is hilarious.

Just like that my parenting fear was over. All the moments where I struggled to decide if I wanted my son to ever meet someone went down the drain. I was now able to allow the fluidity of the situation to occur.

It’s been 9 months since I met Mr. C and now my son can put a face to a name. We are slowly enjoying this process of getting to know each other and our families. It takes time. I’m learning patience.

Next up though…we are actually going to do a Color Run in DC in October and bring our sons. Exercise and partying. That should be interesting.


  1. Congrats on your churches anniversary! I agree that the past few week have been emotional and spiritually draining..

    And how cool that you’re relationship has reached new heights. 🙂 How exciting

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL. I never thought it would reach that height. I tend to push men back with the quickness. He gets me though. We pray together every morning and read devotionals and we spend time with God and each other. No pressure. Just taking our time. It’s pretty amazing.

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  2. These were two huge and important introductions in your life! So happy to see a sister take it slow on that front. But I wouldn’t have expected you to do anything less 🙂
    Loved it!

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