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Work At Love

Mr. C starts his new position on the 27th of this month. I’m disappointed. I wanted it to be in March. March 6th specifically.


I know that you’re probably laughing at me for picking out his start date. But, I can’t help it. I wanted it to be later. I know that I can’t control everything. I’m just not ready. I’m trying to just relax and trust that it will work itself out.


Relationships require work. I realize that now. I don’t think I really understood the magnitude of work and how much work is required when in a relationship. I think my ex worked at it. Sometimes.

Then he would get tired and frustrated and not work anymore. I would then feel his lack of working and then pick up the reigns to our marriage and work at it. You see that huh? We were working separately from each other.

We weren’t working together. We were each working at different times. I don’t think we ever knew it. I really didn’t understand and appreciate the value in working on relationships. Everything came sorta easy for me.

It appeared on the outside that the successful marriages were the ones that just seemed to flow. I didn’t know that they had to work on them. Work on them together. Not separately.

I’m learning in my relationship with Mr. C. I’m learning that he and I have to work at it together. Not separately. United. As a team.

God reminds me of this when I get stubborn. He reminds me that I prayed for Mr. C and that he sent me someone to love me and my son. He reminds me that I have to stay in the present and know that everything is working according to His will.

I know.

I get frustrated.

I get distracted by the amount of work and think that I can’t do it. I start to have doubts. Negative voices that scream… It is impossible. We are doomed. We are having to work too hard for something as simple as time.

Then something like this happens when I feel down and disturbed by my lot in life:


A fellow blogger, KE reminded me what I’m working for. What God has given me. She reminded me that we are shaping one another and our relationship so that it fits us and our circumstances.

I get it God!

I need to remember that love and work both require action. I have to work for the things that I love and I have to work at my relationship. No situation is perfect and no situation is without frustrations and/or setbacks. We have to keep shaping one another and our relationship.

Thanks for the reminder KE.



  1. This is so true, since learned about the amount of effort required for a relationship to thrive and be healthy I slowed down and stopped rushing into relationships. Now I assess myself before even agreeing to a relationship. I truly respect those who understand the work needed to keep their relationship going and yet they make the effort to work on it daily. It’s nice that you and Mr C. are a team it makes life so much easier. You will definitely reap your hard work if you stick it out to the end. Best wishes to you both 🙏😊

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      1. So true, back in the days that was me. Now I don’t even try any relationships if I am not fully ready to give my all and do the work. Relationships requires your mind, body, soul, time and resources.

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