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Motivational Monday Moment – 09.23.19

It’s another Monday! We’ve survived the weekend and we’re ready to start our week. So, I really thought about what I wanted to share this week. You know, I needed something that resonated in my spirit and that could encourage the hell out of you this week. I came up with this…Don’t give up!


Simple huh? My Motivational Monday Moment is all about not giving up. No matter what. Look, I know some of you are like – T, this life, this season, this week, has been rough on me and I can’t keep it up. I want to tell you a secret…Yes you can! You can keep going on and you will.


Do you know why? Because you’re freaking amazing! No matter what anyone thinks you can get through this. Trust me…I’ve been there. I know what it is like to feel like the world is closing in and you can’t find your way out but you have to keep going through this. You have to keep moving. You have to show up and show out. You are not allowed to give up!


Things may seem dark right now hell I’ve woken up after crying all night only to find that even though it was daylight outside it was still dark as hell in my spirit. The darkness was consuming me. But, I had people praying for me. The darkness won’t consume me and I wasn’t going to give up.


And neither are you. You can’t give up. I’m praying for you. Others are praying for you. This season of hell that you may find yourself in is not going to last always. You will be okay. You will get through this. You will be victorious and tell others how you got over the hell of your situation but you have to keep going. You can’t give up.


It’s your testimony that will inspire others. Let those around you know that you need them to pray for you. Trust me, I’ve asked for more prayers these last couple of months than ever in my life. Prayers work. People are praying for me when I’ve been too weak to pray for myself. So, I want you to know that I’m praying for you. I’m praying for your deliverance through your trials and tribulations. I’m standing as your intercessory so God can bless you in spite of your circumstances.

Know that I don’t take this lightly. I am because He is. I trust that you know that prayer works and I want to pray for you. I am praying for you. Please don’t give up.


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