Bed Rest is Hell

So can you believe it? I was placed on bed rest as of February 15th and it has been hell. How so, well being on strict bed rest, the bed or the couch were my new BFF’s. I could get up to go to the restroom, shower and fix a light meal and then back off my feet. So I initially had no idea how long I would be out on bed rest. My job told me my doctor’s office faxed over a note to say 6-8 weeks. My doctor completed paperwork for my short-term disability last Friday that stated up until I deliver. I went crazy. I talked to the doctor today and was told that they wouldn’t entertain my return to work before I reach 32 weeks (April 3rd). How can hell be any worse? Until next time.


Day Ten

Okay, so I have gotten better in my desire to encourage my husband. I sometimes falter, but I am truly working on it. It is day 10 and I am supposed to encourage my husband by admiring his attractiveness. Now, everyone who knows me knows that I think my husband is fine. I wouldn’t be with an ugly duckling. He is sexy. I love the way he laughs, smiles and just seems to light up a room. He was a romantic person, however, after being with me for so long, he seems to have lost his ability to romance. It is by no means his fault; after all I do make it very hard on him to show his romantic side with my selfish ways. We have committed to working on our marriage and putting it first, so I am working on my attitude. I want the romance again and I didn’t really appreciate it until it was gone. Lee is trying though, the other day he got me the most romantic card ever. I was so moved reading it, I wanted to turn around and kiss him passionately. That just made me think that I haven’t made a new year’s resolution: To bring passion back. In my marriage and life, I need to be more passionate. I encourage everyone to do the same. If we were all passionate about things, we would be in a better place.

Day Six

Okay, so I admit it. Sometimes I falter. I am after all only human. However, I have tried to be encouraging of Lee. I am pregnant and sometimes I speak without thinking. These dang hormones have manipulated my body. I appear to be losing my tact. So, I sat in church yesterday praying for tact and that they Lord will allow me to speak with a bridled tongue. Not sure if it worked, but it is Day Six in my 30 day challenge and I am supposed to recognize his creativity. Lee is very creative. He is a musical genius. I say this with sincerity. He knows a lot more than the average person about music. He has a huge cd collection that he loves more than his wife. He spends every waking moment when he is not at work, on-line downloading music and movies. I’m not sure why, but it may have something to do with his creative process. So, here’s to you baby….I support and believe in your creativity.

30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge

Okay, so I agreed to participate in this 30 – Day Encouragement Challenge with a few of my girlfriends. The challenge is to encourage your husband. The decision to encourage him means that you truly want to be a blessing in your home. It will also result in my spiritual growth.

The first line of the challenge on Day One said, ” You can’t say anything negative about your husband…to your husband…or to anyone else, about your husband for the next 30 days.” I screamed, “That’s it, I’m Out! I can’t do it!” However, I must say after a quick prayer and a bet with my other girlfriends, I agreed to try. So today is the official beginning of that challenge.

On the first day, I am supposed to say something that I admire or appreciate about my husband to someone else and to Lee. So here goes: My husband Lee is the most wonderful, supporting and creative man I have ever met. He views life like no other person I know. He is wise and decisive with his words. He repeats your answers so you know that he heard what you are saying. He imagines a world with no sickness, by pretending he has the illness to see how those less fortunate feel. He is a truly great gift.

Ladies, if you are interested in taking this challenge, go to and click 30-day challenge in the search box. Good Luck

Senile and Searching

Okay the weekend was pretty hectic for a pregnant woman. We went to the movies on Friday night, dinner at the Chart House with some friends on Saturday night and then we went to a retirement party for a family friend on Sunday. I was exhausted. But, something funny happened on Saturday. Talk about getting old and senile, Lee tells me as he is rubbing my belly, “They said that the fluid in the sac looks good and the blood flow in and out of the placenta is normal”. I responded: “Lee, I was there, I remember what the sonographer said on Thursday”.

So, Lee begins to stress me out with all his worries about me being put on bed rest. He begins a research campaign (much like his ALS diagnosis) to make me aware of the risks of pre-term labor. I yelled, “Lee you are stressing me out. Let’s not worry about anything until the doctor says so.”

We visit the OB today and Lee begins questioning the doctor about the possibility of me going into pre-term labor. The doctor explains, I had a patient who had a cervix shorter than yours and we put her in the hospital on bed rest for a week. She came out, resumed her normal activities and delivered at 37 weeks. He explained that less than 30% of patients with a shortened cervix deliver before 36 weeks. This was comforting to both Lee and I.

Any Questions?

So Lee and I go to see a Maternal and Fetal Medicine Specialist regarding the shortening of my cervix and the development of the baby’s brain. The doctor said everything was fine with the baby and we got the cutest pictures of the baby. We were already told that we are having a boy, but Lee decides to question the sonographer. Lee: “Are you sure it’s a boy because I heard that sometimes sonograms can be wrong”. Sonographer: “Here’s the penis and here’s the scrotum, any questions”.

Lee was truly annoying the sonographer yesterday. She would say, “The fluid levels in the sac look normal” and Lee would then ask “So, the fluid levels in the sac look normal?”. I asked him, why are you repeating everything she says and then asking it like you just didn’t hear her? He said, “I just want to be sure of what I am hearing.” I told him to bring a video camera next time so we can record it. Without a doubt I am married to the craziest man in the world.

Can You Say, I Told You So?

So, I get a call from Lee a little while ago. He has just left the doctor’s office after his self-diagnosis of ALS. The doctor indicated that he most definitely doesn’t have ALS and that he would test him for arthritis. Lee stated the doctor really believed the problem was that he hadn’t worked out in over 2 years and that the extra weight was affecting his joints. I laughed and told him, that I could have saved him the co-pay because I had told him the exact same thing. He then tries to soothe himself by saying, “The doctor said he was proud of the fact that I tried to self-diagnose and research my symptoms and then see him for an appointment”. I told Lee, whatever makes you sleep at night. You know you were over reacting and I am happy to say, “I told you so.”

MLK Weekend

Today is my first day back at work after observing MLK’s birthday yesterday. It was a low key day. I mostly slept and then went grocery shopping. We don’t sale shop during his birthday out of respect for one of the greatest men that ever lived. We remembered and talked politics. Mostly the economy, the baby and the upcoming move. I realize now that I am pregnant, anything pops into my head and I want to discuss it. I can’t seem to retain information for long periods of time either.

My name is Tikeetha and I have been married for about 5 1/2 years to Lydell “aka” Lee Thomas. Thus, after much force I took his last name. Actually, it wasn’t bad, Lee stated that he wanted his last name on my name somewhere. He didn’t care if I hyphenated or changed my last name entirely. He wanted everyone to know that I was a married woman. It was crazy because he acted like you couldn’t see the big ring on my finger. So, after 5 1/2 years of marriage, Lee and I find ourselves being able to reproduce. We are still astonished that God has granted us this ability. We just found out that we are expecting a boy this May. I knew I was having a son, however, Lee was in denial. He insisted that we were having a girl, because genetically, every female in my family up through my grandmother had given birth to a girl. That was a lie, but I let him believe it. Even when my grandma did her famous “hand test” to determine I was having a boy, he was still in denial. He harassed her and wanted statistical information to the fact that she had predicated sexes of babies in our family for years. He wanted her to admit that she has been wrong and to indicate that her test doesn’t have a 100% accuracy rate. I couldn’t believe it. So, when I happily found out that we were having a boy, I called Granny to let her know. She was tickled pink. She said, “I knew it was a boy, I just didn’t want to hurt Lee’s feelings”.

Fast Forward to 3 days ago…
Lee and I had dinner with some friends. I love this time because I enjoy telling his friends the harassing and embarrassing things he tells me so that they can laugh at him. So, over dinner I begin to tell them how my husband comes to me a few days earlier to indicate that the thinks he has Lou Gehrig’s aka “ALS” disease. After laughing in hysteria for almost 10 minutes, I asked him what makes you think you have Lou Gehrig’s disease? He said, “I was researching on the web and I think I have the symptoms”. Now, here is an excerpt from an article off of webmd that indicates what ALS is:


“Over a period of months or years, ALS causes increasing muscle weakness, inability to control movement, and problems with speaking, swallowing, and breathing. The first sign of ALS is usually slight weakness in one leg, one hand, the face, or the tongue. Other problems may include increasing clumsiness and difficulty performing tasks that require precise movements of the fingers and hands. Frequent muscle twitching may occur. The weakness slowly spreads to the arms and legs over a period of months or years. As the nerves continue to waste away and decrease in number, the muscle cells that would normally be stimulated by those nerves also start to waste away, and the muscles weaken.
It is important to remember that having muscle weakness, fatigue, stiffness, and twitching doesn’t necessarily mean that you have ALS.”


I asked Lee, how long have you been feeling this way, “about a week”. I said “Ok, you are now over 30, overweight and have no desire to workout, so could it just be that you are experiencing a fatigue with your weight?” He said “maybe”. So over dinner, I bring up the Lou Gehrig’s disease and everyone is laughing at him like he has two heads. Once the laughter dies down, the question again is asked why do you think you have Lou Gehrig’s disease. He answers, “When you are having a child, you start to think about your immortality and the pains in your body. You won’t think it’s funny if it comes back that I have it.” My husband is impossible. Please pray for me as I continue to document my path from “A Thomas Point of View”.